Check Profile: Region Banks Most Controversial Employee On Social Media

By klaireaustria

Nov 25, 2016 03:31 PM EST

Zeekee Interactive and David Barry, an internet marketing group, has conducted a number of social media etiquette course for schools and businesses. He said with every keystroke, you're leaving your digital fingerprint.

"They will use it to vent. They'll use it to rant. They'll use it to rave," Barry said.

It's there forever, and it's gotten a few folks in hot water with their employer. A quick search on google and the results for people fired over social media are endless.

Barry said think before you post.

"At the end of the day, it's the common sense approach," Barry said.

Not everyone is thinking that way, pushing employers to establish social media policies. Violating those policies have real repercussions.

Last week, a Talladega Police Officer was fired after violating the city's code of conduct and social media policy.

This week, Regions Bank launched an investigation into comments made on Facebook by one of its employees. A day later, that employer no longer works for the company.

"You need to know that the position you're in reflects a company, organization. Whether it be church or company, you need to know that your voice reflects back on them," continued Barry.

Those asking if they have any rights to say what they want on social media, according to, you may not have as many rights as you would think in the workplace.

It states, "Only government employees have free speech protections and those are very limited. As a private employee, you can be fired for your speech in the workplace or outside of it."

National Labor Relations Board ruled that using social media can be a form of "protected concerted" activity. Employers have the right to address work-related issues and share information about pay, benefits, and working

To be the safe side, Barry encourages everyone to take a look at your company's social media policy.

"It's really good to know what their polices are try to stay within those guides. Realizing that a couple of seconds of not thinking could cost your position or your future," Barry said.

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