Star Wars Update And News: Star Wars Battlefront Hero Free Trial Weekend Commences

By Xyla Joelle L. Fernandez

Oct 31, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Just incase that you wanted to try different heroes in Star Wars Battlefront's DLC pack but you couldn't because you need to own an expansion first before doing so, well now is your lucky time. EA is allowing you to have a free trial to test various heroes in DICE's Star Wars shooter for free.

Lets talk about the heroes in Star Wars Battlefront and abilities to have an idea which of the following heroes you wanted to use during this offer over the weekend.

Darth Vader. The most powerful Sith in the galaxy doesn't need much of an introduction. With his Force powers and glowing red lightsaber, Vader deals plenty of damage, even though he lacks running ability. Force Choke: With this ability, Vader picks up a single enemy and literally chokes the life out of him. If you're the victim there's no way to get out of this, so once Vader grabs you it's lights out. Saber Throw: Vader throw his lightsaber like a boomerang and the energy weapon hits everyone it flies into, while eventually returning to him so he can follow up with strong melee damage. Heavy Strike: If you need to slaughter enemies up close, try this spin attack, which lets Vader perform a 360-degree turn and take out anyone with his lightsaber, provided they're in the strike zone.

Luke Skywalker. Luke carries his green-colored lightsaber from Return of the Jedi and makes use of different abilities. Instead of a Force Choke, he uses Force Push, which can easily fling enemies aside. Force Push: With this, Luke can send targets flying with a powerful shove, depending on their range. Do this with enemies nearby to take advantage of the full effect It also works on groups of opponents closely packed together. Saber Rush: Luke lunges forward with a devastating Saber blow. This is powerful enough to hurt even stronger enemies, although you'll have narrow range in terms of how it's executed. Heavy Strike: Like Vader, Skywalker relies on a 360-degree spin to hit everything

Boba Fett. Never mind this Jedi business! It's time for the galaxy's iconic Bounty Hunter to leave his mark. Wrist Rocket: This works kind of like a grenade, with enough explosive power to put anyone out of his or her misery. Flame Thrower: Burn, baby, burn! When this is activated, you can fry anyone a short range away with a flame burst. Jetpack: This handy piece of equipment lets Boba Fett cover a lot of ground, and reach places his enemies cannot access.

Han Solo. All-around scoundrel and Millennium Falcon pilot may not look as ready for battle as the Jedi and Sith characters, but he can still hold his own, thanks to Solo's trademark blaster and a couple of other abilities. Rapid Fire: Unleash rapid fire shots from Han Solo's blaster, hitting multiple targets in succession. Lucky Shot: Like Boba Fett's Wrist Rocket, the Lucky Shot gives you a powerful blast to crush the other team. Shoulder Charge: Once activated, Han Solo mows down enemies using a shoulder-led running attack, which lasts for a few seconds.

Lei Organa. Like her darling Han Solo, Princess Leia can hold her own in battle with blaster in hand. Supply Drop: By activating this, you'll be able to summon a Power-Up Star Card for use with Leia's fellow troopers. Enhanced Squad Shield: With this, Leia generates a Squad Shield that takes more damage and provides better protection than the typical shield. Trooper Bane: While not as explosive as Solo's Lucky Shot, this is a particularly helpful item that can take down multiple enemies.

Emperor Palpatine. Imperial Resources: Like the Supply Drop, this lets one of Palpatine's fellow troops use a power-up. Chain Lightning: Perhaps the most powerful move in Palpatine's arsenal, this unleashes lightning that can hit one target at first, then spread to other targets. Force Dash: Palpatine gets around quickly, pushing himself forward with great acceleration.

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