Top 5 Things That Can Lose Nintendo Switch Flagship

By Xyla Joelle L. Fernandez

Oct 24, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Though the new Nintendo Switch seems to have a positive impression to those fans of it but investors of Nintendo is still somewhat disappointed in the reveal with the company's stock sliding after the announcement.

For most of the observers, having the idea that Nintendo is playing the strengths with away-from-home mobile play for their new console is a very good one. And in addition to this, the system of the Nintendo Switch seemed poised to course correct from some of the missteps of Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U.

But despite of this fundamentally promising concept, however, there are still numbers of potential questions about the system of Nintendo Switch that is still remained unanswered until the early 2017 as to some reports say because Nintendo wont be answering or talking about anything about the Nintendo Switch until then.

There are the top five questions about the new Nintendo Switch that if answered incorrectly could potentially sink Nintendo, even the new Nintendo Switch.

*Battery Life?
This question actually regarding the Nintendo Switch is the key to success or failure of the said system because even if it has made a mobile-focused console, without the battery life to support it, everything about the Nintendo Switch will be entirely rendered useless. Concerning about the Switch, this handheld should be powerful enough for it to run a home-console on the go and of course, it should be able to serve as a charger also for it to charge its controllers on the side.
One saving grace of this is that it could be the fact that the Nintendo Switch screen might not be bogged down with components like cameras, a gyroscope, or even touch screen capabilities, which could help with its battery life.

*How much does it cost?
The new Nintendo system will not cost much more than $300-$350 at launch because Nintendo had always been a lower cost to its rival systems.

*How Extensive is Third party support?
A prediction here says that we see early Switch version of Xbox One and PS4 games, some probably months after their initial release, but that eventually trails off because of the power limitations of the console and the fact that its often a tough sell to port games to Nintendo product, regardless of that.

*Is it comfortable?
Playing the switch on the go when the controllers are hooked into the side will work at least as well as it did with the Wii U.
Playing the switch on the go when the controllers are hooked into the side will work at least as well as it did with the Wii U gamepad, which was indeed a lot more comfortable than it looked.
*How useful is the mobility gimmick?
On the surface, the Switch appeals to a certain segment of population which depends on your living situation. Its great for commuters on buses, trains and airplanes.

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