German Top Court Dismisses EU-Canada Trade Deal CETA

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Oct 14, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

The crusaders oppose to the fact that portions of CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) will be implemented before all national parliaments in the EU have casted their votes on it.

The trade ministers of EUare going to vote on CETA next week. On October 27, if they will all agree with it the deal can be signed then. Thus, it needs a unanimous support.

CETA is determined to remove barriers in trade.

There were three activist groups who purposely want to block CETA. The groups were comprised of more than 125,000 people who signed the petition. The groups are namely Compact, Foodwatch, and More Democracy.

The competitors are afraid that CETA will be utilized as a model to move forward an even more disputable EU-US trade level known as TTIP, much of which remain subject to negotiation.

In a global race to the bottom that concerns only on the wealthy elite's interest, the activists argue that CETA and other deals that resembles to it, put job security and social welfare at risk.

Sigmar Gabriel, the German economy minister and vice chancellor, has struggled to win his Social Democrats (SPD) round CETA. The SPD is in government with Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU), who strongly support CETA.

With Thursday's court ruling, Mr. Gabriel was happy and he remarked that the ruling would act as protection against making a bad deal with the U.S.

CETA is a good basis for a post-Brexit UK trade deal with the EU, this was the view of the British politicians. UK can exercise their votes for CETA while they are still a full EU member.

EU-style free movement of labor was not included in CETA. Yet for services 80% of the UK economy. The terms of CETA are less favorable than what they have now at present.

The legislators in Karlsruhe did not, but exclude the probability of hitting hindrances in the future with the implementation of CETA in Germany.

The government can only fast-track the deals in EU-wide provisions if CETA will be signed. Intellectual property, maritime transport and commercial arbitration are the areas of national responsibility which must await parliamentary approval.

One of the most disputed issue is the new Investment Court System, which cannot be set up until CETA is affirmed by all EU parliaments they commented.

The counterparts were mixing up CETA with TTIP said Mr. Gabriel. He further said that the EU negotiated safeguards for public services, cultural heritage of Europe and the cherished precautionary principle.

The extensive risk assessments have to be consummated before a medical or a medicine will be marketed, this is what is what precautionary principle meant and it has to be observed. In the US, the onus is to prove that the substance is not harmful before it can be removed from sale.

 He hoped that sealing the CETA deal could enable the EU raise other trade deals up to the maximum level.

Political and business leaders argue that CETA will supply an economic boost, reduce bureaucracy and create jobs.

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