10 Types of Personalities You Would Meet on Ukrainian Tinder

By Czarina Ara Lasco

Oct 08, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Tinder is among the "swiping apps", where you see someone's profile and if you like him or her you just have to swipe right, if not swipe left for another user. If they swiped right you back, then you have a match and you'll be able to text each other. People will never see you "liking" them if it's not mutual. It will also boost your confidence because you know that the attraction is mutual.

At first, Tinder was used mostly by European-minded Ukrainians who found out about the app abroad, but now its user base had become wider and more diverse. Here are the most common types of user you'll bump into.

Prim and Proper

As the name suggests they are ladies that are elegant and demure. They love nature and pose with flowers and pets. They don't answer your message and agree to meet over right away - just as a proper lady wouldn't.

Party Animals

They hang out in clubs and pubs from dusk till morning. If you can't live with their style, don't bother with them.

They're easy to spot: their profile photos are taken from a club, holding some drink and living the life.

The tourist

They have lots of photos taken from each corners of the globe. Can't live life without traveling and likes to meet new people. They most likely say "looking for something new" and "exploring the world".

Straight to the point

No small talks. They know exactly what they want and wouldn't bother wasting time.

They don't want you to have the wrong idea or hurt you. They're just here for their business.

Wanted: Tutor

"Looking for a native speaker to teach me basics of the language" so they say but you don't really get why they're looking for a teacher on Tinder. The amazing thing is they promise fair payment and to cover all the expenses (I'm not kidding!).

Selfie lords

Mirror selfie, toilet selfie, gym selfie or selfie in every place imaginable. They are hot and they know it. Usually the picky swipers of them all.


They are the ones who expect you to invite them after the second message. They want family and kids and would want you to move to their city. If you think that it's escalating quickly, then my gosh - "You're so immature".

Delicate flowers

They are the poets and philosophers of tinder. One of a kind and have really deep personalities. They consider themselves artists, so be careful because they're easy to offend.

Rich and persistent

They're glamorous, like expensive things and loves showing them to the world. They are also very persistent when it comes to sending you presents or coming to meet you in your city. Very, very persistent.


People who don't show their face on a profile picture and have no identity. Don't ask which criteria people are supposed to use to decide if they're the kind of person they want to meet. It would spoil the mystery.

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