‘The Hundred Group’ Members’ Consensus Survey To Decide Whether To Take Public Stance on Brexit

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Apr 01, 2016 10:14 PM EDT

Members of The Hundred Group, the top bean-counters in Britain, have been considering whether to take a public position on the upcoming referendum poll on Brexit. The group members are the finance directors of Britain's largest listed as well as private companies. They are being surveyed to take a stance over the referendum subject related to the UK membership of the European Union (EU).

Chief of the Britain's top business companies are being asked to explain their personal and corporate views on Brexit. The consensus survey asks the group members whether they started to sketch out plans for a decision on leaving the EU as well as its possible consequences. The survey appears following difficult past experiences in cases of other membership based business organizations prior to the referendum, reports Sky News.

John Longworth, former director general for the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), has been compelled to resign following his expression of a pro-Brexit opinion. He has been accused of flouting BCC's neutral stance over the issue.

After the resignation, Mr. Longworth has joined to 'Vote Leave' as chair of its business committee. 'Vote Leave' appears as one of the groups vying for becoming the official vocal for the 'out' campaign.

CBI, the largest employer group of Britain, has also come under fire from the 'out' campaigners after publishing a number of survey reports. The allegedly motivated publications to show that majority of the CBI members are in favor of remaining in the EU, according to a report published in Yahoo Finance.

The British Bankers' Association (BBA) has published last week the results of a survey covering its members. The results suggest that nearly two-third of banks do not posses a formal stance over Brexit.

Compared to the perspective of the referred instances, The Hundred Group owns a relatively lower profile. USA Extra News sources inside the group suggest it is unlikely to decide to take a public stance once the results of its survey have been collated. The group is represented by its chairman,Simon Dingemans, who is a former banker at Goldman Sachs and currently, chief financial officer of the pharmaceuticals group, GlaxoSmithKline.

Brexit will deter investment while threatening jobs, warns a letter published last month and signed by the chairs or CEOs of over one-third FTSE-100 companies. However, the stances of the company owners and business leaders revealed from different surveys exert disproportionately higher influence over the Brexit debate.

Survey reports reflecting Brexit plans of business leaders and top executives fuel related debates. However, some member-based organizations have faced the public wrath for taking public stances in favor of or opposing Brexit. To define a consensus path over the mass debated issue, members of The Hundred Group are taking part in a survey to collate their views on public stance over Brexit.

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