Automatic emergency braking will be standard in US cars by 2022

By Staff Writer

Mar 19, 2016 10:55 PM EDT

Automatic emergency braking system will be a standard in the US automobile industry by 2022.  About 20 automobile manufacturers have agreed to incorporate automatic emergency braking system in their vehicles. The US government is making the said system a part of an agreement, but not a regulatory enforcement.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have jointly announced that US automobile industry will have the automatic braking system (ABS) a standard by 2022. 

The Verge reports that the 20 automakers, who agreed on automatic emergency braking system, represent 99 percent of the US automobile industry. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been calling for automatic braking system as a safety win, but the ABS couldn't take place owing to lack of supportive technology. 

Automatic braking can slow or stop if forward-looking sensors sense risk of colliding with a car or a pedestrian or some object. A decade ago, automatic braking system was considered for luxury vehicles. Now, they're coming into fold of normal vehicles. Even a sub-$40,000 car is also fitted with ABS. 

Los Angeles Times further adds that ABS will be applicable for all cars and light trucks by 2022. A record level of 17.5 million cars and light trucks were sold in the US during 2015. NHTSA prefers to bring automatic emergency braking system as part of all vehicles by unprecedented commitment rather than regulatory process.

Automobile majors such as Audi and Tesla have signed on the agreement with ABS. Consumer Reports will monitor the deployment of the ABS technology. On the lines of lane keeping and dynamic cruise control, automatic emergency braking system is considered to be precursor as part of the full autonomous vehicles. 

Automatic braking system includes sensors, radar, cameras and lasers. ABS will be located on vehicle to alert driver. Latest US statistics reveal that someone dies every 16 minutes due to a car crash in the US. BMW, Ford, General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen and other automobile majors have also agreed to implement automatic emergency braking system in their vehicles, as reported by Financial Press.

Software applications have been successful with salient functions such as stability control and anti-lock brakes. Such features led the way of computer-controlled vehicles. NHTSA has already mandated some these safety technologies for US vehicles. 

Trucks with gross weight in 8,501 and 10,000 pounds will be equipped with automatic emergency braking system by 1st of September 2025. Other vehicles will come under ABS fold by 2022.

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