Family Profiles: Customer Feedback Induced New Feature For Uber App

By Staff Writer

Mar 18, 2016 05:52 AM EDT

Uber Technologies Inc., the online transportation network service provider, has announced on Thursday a new feature for its app called 'Family Profile'. The new feature will allow up to 10 riders sharing the same payment information. It has been designed to enable the customers paying for rides of their friends and families.

Existing  payment modes for the ride-sharing app allows switching between personal credit card and corporate account while paying for rides. In a similar manner, 'Family Profiles' allows switching between personal and family accounts with a single click, reports Mashable while elaborating the new feature.

The app doesn't require the Family Profile users to become related practically. However, riders require having their own Uber accounts while getting added to a Family Profile. Since Uber Terms and Services require 18 years of age, the feature is limited for the legal adults only, reports The Washington Post.

Getting added to the Family Profiles, the Uber account holders will be able to request rides from their own smart phone selecting that profile as their payment mode. The dependent account holders will have to accept the email invitation in order to get started, according to a report published in TechCrunch.

The payment card of the person who set up the Family Profile will be billed for the rides of his nominated persons. However, the organizer will receive a receipt for every ride paid for via the new feature. Thus the organizer of the Family Profile will be served detailed information on riding duration; time and places of pick up and drop off etc.

Parents intending to bear the Uber bill of their legally aged kids away at college or adult children desiring to help elderly parents are two useful scenarios of the new feature. Uber has represented the scenarios while narrating the usefulness. However, the feature is going to be launched primarily in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix.

The latest feature appears following a similar family-friendly move launched last year, naming UberASSIST. The program has been designed to assist the elderly and disabled passengers through specially trained drivers. However, the new feature has been developed following frequently requested feedback from users for an easy way to pay for rides taken by family and friends. The feature is primarily available in select cities of the US. 

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