Rob Mundy opens a new online research platform for investors

By Staff Writer

Mar 07, 2016 08:17 AM EST

Rob Mundy, a former stock research expert, has launched Research Tree, an online investment research platform designed for private investors. This new company will provide access to quality research for investors to make a better investment decision. Until now institutional investors depended mainly on Equity Research, designed by commercial broking groups in the UK, for investment purposes.

Currently, Rob Mundy's Research Tree has joined the investment research service arena by pledging to offer real time reports on companies listed in UK stock exchange and global market reports. These reports are created and scrutinized by industrial experts from 20 well organised research suppliers. Research Tree presently envelops 85% of Fortune 100 firms, 65% of small cap firms in the UK and roughly 50% of companies in FTSE 250.

Customers can sub scrip to this new service on a monthly basis and avail unlimited research source for a cost equal to their mobile bill. According to Rob Mundy, Research Tree will act as a high informative platform for private investors. Rob Mundy said that the new company comes at a time when the government is advising people across the UK to have high personal control on their investment policies, as reported by CITY A.M.

The company has discovered nearly one and a half million of private investors in the UK market, out of which more than 820,000 are individuals with high net value. These investors have relied on limited sources for investment research until now. In addition, the European Union law, Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), is entering into a new version with the advent of MiFID ll, which is scheduled to come live in 2018. This innovation allows Research Tree to provide additional service platform that enables investors to capitalise and channelize their research.

According to THE SUNDAY TIMES, Rob Mundy has included nearly 17 brokers to Research Tree. The company's founder intends to charge GBP 40 per month for providing information on stock and notes of companies like Panmure Gordon, Liberum Capital and FinnCap. This launch arrives amid a harsh time for brokers, who are crashed by the volatility in stock market and less commission rate. In addition, new government regulations have reduced the fees structure paid by institutional investors for providing information on individual equity. These burdens have led many research providers to either shut their operations or trim jobs.

While the global market is suffering from several financial crisis, this entry of Research Tree into the research sector marks a significant move by Rob Mundy. With this new achievement, Rob Mundy aims to create a better source of information for online investors.

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