Mark Zuckerberg Supports Apple, Strongly Opposes Creating Backdoors For Law Enforcers

By Staff Writer

Feb 24, 2016 06:08 AM EST

Mark Zuckerberg has extended his support on Monday to Apple in fight with the US government while speaking on stage in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress (MWC). Apple has appeared in a bitter battle with the federal authorities over attempts to gain access to information protected by its sophisticated encryption technology.   

While addressing the annual tech and telecommunications conference, Zuckerberg has pledged that Facebook will play its part in the fight against global terrorism. However, he opposed the idea for weakening the digital security of technology companies, reports The New York Times.

The Facebook CEO has also rejected the idea on creating backdoors for intelligence and law enforcement agencies by the technology companies. Upholding his belief on encryption as an important tool, he has expressed his sympathy towards Apple, according to a report published in USA Today.

Facebook has joined with other Silicon Valley companies in backing Apple on Thursday last. The platform has vehemently protested an FBI demand to alter part of iOS software so that authorities may enter an iPhone. The iPhone has allegedly been used by one San Bernardino shooter, Syed Rizwan Farook, reports CNN Money.

The platform of the Silicon Valley tech companies has pledged to comply with the legal obligations with handing over information on their users. Creation of technological back doors to digital systems may lead to a potential abuse by governments worldwide, fears the platform.

However, Zuckerberg has maintained silence on the subject matter until Monday. Meanwhile, leaders from Google and Twitter have made public comments supporting Apple last week.

Analysts predict that the statements of support from tech companies may have been guarded. Google and Facebook have lauded public support for Apple more forcefully and swiftly during last week, than Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter.

In another development, Indian regulators have put Facebook and Zuckerberg in an unusual position in the debate over net neutrality. Indian authorities have imposed ban on 'Free Basics' following the debate. However, Facebook appears as a proponent of net neutrality in the US.

Internet giants like Facebook and Google may experience more scrutiny around the globe since they appear in continuous expansion, fears Pierre Louette, a deputy chief executive of the former French telecommunications monopoly, Orange. He suggests the tech companies to build bridges with the traditional telecom operators who have been facing similar regulatory challenges for decades.

Facebook, Google, Twitter and other Silicon Valley tech giants have reiterated their support for Apple in the battle with the federal authorities centering iPhone encryption. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed the most vigorous public support to Apple and its CEO Tim Cook. He has also rejected the claim over creation of backdoors for investigators and law enforcers fearing potential abuse by governments worldwide.

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