Freedom 251 Release: Indian Company Ringing Bells Launches 'Cheapest Smartphone' at $7

By Staff Writer

Feb 20, 2016 10:08 PM EST

Ringing Bells, one of the most well-known smartphone companies in India, launched a budget smartphone called Freedom 251. Dubbed as India's cheapest smartphone and probably the most affordable one worldwide, the newly launched device is available for less than Rs. 500 or approximately $7. 

It was launched  on Wednesday, February 17, in India. According to Gadgets NDTV, the launch event was attended by a number of top Indian government officials including Shri Manohar Parrikkar, Union Minister of Defence and Shri Murali Manohar Joshi, Hon'ble Member of Parliament. 

The Freedom 251 was produced with the immense support from the Indian government, as reported by Techdroider .The background of creating Freedom 251 is to connect every Indian and enrich their lives. This vision is in line with India Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Based on the information from Gadgets NDTV, Ringing Bell asserts that its smartphone is made to increase numbers of local productions in India. It is connected with the government's project Make in India which aims to entice multinational as well as domestic players to manufacture their products in the country.

As reported by Techdroider, Freedom 251 is a smartphone with low features, but it could be very useful for people who live in the villages. Freedom 251 is suitable for communication needs with acceptable facilities and internet access. While its capabilities are questioned because of its cheap price, the company believes it is decent enough to get the job done.

This new invention has become a good news to everyone considering it's the cheapest smartphone that has ever been produced. Ringing Bells proved that facilities and internet access could be for everyone, saying luxury doesn't only belong to rich people.

This serves as a hope to have an improved life, especially for those people who live in the villages. With a price under Rs. 500, Freedom 251 has the potential to significantly improve the lifestyle of those who are in the country with low income, according to Technodroider.

Freedom 251 follows Smart 101, another affordable 4G smartphone which was previously launched running the Android 5.0 Lollipop  at Rs. 2,999 or about $43. Whether or not Ringing Bells will manufacture and sell Freedom 251 at a large scale is yet to be determined. 

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