Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 Information Leaked Ahead of February 21 Schedule

By Staff Writer

Feb 16, 2016 05:57 AM EST

Both Samsung and LG announced that they will unveil their 2016 flagship phones in February 2016. Samsung is set to introduce its Galaxy S7 family while LG will reveal the details on LG G5. However, both Samsung's Galaxy S7 and LG G5 details were already leaked ahead of schedule.

The information on the Galaxy S7 was leaked by Samsung's branch in Indonesia. The device's details were revealed in an official but unlisted YouTube advertisement. Some believe that the Indonesian branch 'leaked' the information on purpose. However, Forbes argued that the fact that the YouTube ad was unlisted implied that Samsung Indonesia actually does not want the ad to go public just yet.

The advertisement revealed most of Galaxy S7's specifications, including some highlighted breakthrough features. The leaked YouTube ad reveals that the Galaxy S7 will be waterproof, confirming earlier rumors. New key features also include wireless charging, the technology that have caught a lot of attention from many device makers lately. 

The latest Android operating system version already supports fingerprint sensor as a mean for security and payment. Samsung Galaxy S7, as an Android-based device, is embracing that innovation in the S7 smartphones that also feature a fingerprint scanner. In addition to that, the device will also have other new security features.

PhoneArena described the details on LG G5 as leaked by various sources, including an e-commerce website in Dubai that claimed to already get hold of a unit imported from the U.S recently. The image shows a circular fingerprint scanner in the rear side of the phone, which means that LG is also embracing the fingerprint-scan supported recently by Android operating system. The phone also features dual-camera setup at the back of the phone and side-positioned volume buttons. The details mentioned above corroborates with at least one other leaked information that hit the internet since January.

GSMArena also listed that LG G5 will have a brand new design with a removable bottom segment, highlighting a user-removable battery. It's also believed that OEMs are going all-out in their products in anticipation of Apple's iPhone 7 release this year. Android device makers are improving a lot of things and applying new innovations to attract customers.

The details on both Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 was revealed in leaked information ahead of schedule, which is just a few days away. Both the new device will see some major improvements with high-tech innovations, including the fingerprint sensor technology. Android device makers are going all-out to anticipate the iPhone 7 release this year. 

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