Mexico Fines Volkswagen $8.9 Million, Probe on Diesel Engine Defeat Devices underway

By Staff Writer

Feb 16, 2016 02:41 AM EST

The Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) of Mexico has fined Volkswagen (VW) México, local unit of the German automaker for Mex$168 million ($8.9 million) on Monday. The fine has been slapped for selling 2016 model vehicles lacking corresponding environment compliance certificate.

PROFEPA has levied the fine followed by an inspection in December. The inspection unearths that the 2016 model vehicle hasn't been certified. The 45,494 imported vehicles under penalty include Audis, Bentleys, Porsches, Seats and Volkswagens, reports Mexico News Daily.

However, counting this amount of fine is not the last word for VW. Mexican authorities are still investigating the vehicles sold between 2009 and 2015 on suspicion of software induced cheat on diesel emission test, reports The Wall Street Journal quoting attorney general's office for environmental protection.

PROFEPA has discovered in December inspection that the 2016 model vehicles lack two NOM environmental compliance certificates. One certificate establishes the maximum allowable level of total hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and particles from new cars' exhaust pipes. The other certificate sets the maximum allowable level of noise and the measurement methodology, according to a news published in Fox News Latino.

The imposed fine is separate from an investigation being conducted in Mexico over the VW defeat device scandal. Mexico is verifying the compliance of VW's emission certificates for diesel engine vehicles sold since 2009 with national standards. The investigation move has been declared by Environment Secretary Rafael Pacchiano in September last year.

The probe has been initiated followed by the acknowledgement of VW on installation of defeat devices on nearly 500,000 diesel powered vehicles. The diesel powered vehicles include Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen sold in the US since 2008.

Environment Protection Agency (EPA) of the US has accused the German automobile manufacturer for using the devices to dupe regulators. The defeat software has been detected while conducting emission tests. The emission control devices have been turned on while being operated in a test laboratory only.

These engine vehicles emit 40 times of nitrogen oxide compared to the US allowable limits while being driven under normal conditions turning off the controlling devices. Such wider range of gas emission contributes to the formation of smog and eventually may cause acid rain. 11 million of VW vehicles worldwide have been equipped with the defeat devices.

VW has acknowledged installing defeat device in 1100,000 engine powered vehicles world wide in September last year. The acknowledgement has attracted investigation in Mexico along with other countries. Meanwhile, PROFEPA, Mexican environment regulator has fined VW with Mex$168 million ($8.9 million) on Monday for lacking two NOM compliance certificates. However, the imposed fine is separate from the ongoing probe on installation of the defeat devices. 

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