The New Sky Q Service Is Now Available In The UK, Bringing Ultra HD 4K Video Quality

By Staff Writer

Feb 12, 2016 02:47 AM EST

After its November conference revealing the premium package, the new Sky Q service is now finally available in the UK. It comes with new hardware and more improvements, though price still becomes the issue.

Users can get the basic box for £42 every month, according to Engadget. It allows users to capture three shows in 1080p at the same time, with the choice to watch the fourth channel live - on a 1TB hard drive.

In the mean time, the Sky Q Silver box is 4K ready and can record four shows at the same time onto a 2TB drive, as well as enables you to watch a fifth one live. The cost is £54 every month, and for multiple rooms viewing, it is supported by up to four Sky Q Mini boxes that cost £99 each. 

However, more appeals actually come from the upgraded software. The old version is very out-of-date, slow, and inconvenient. The new Sky Q has changed almost every part of the navigation with bright and large images.

Meanwhile, the MailOnline has informed that the two different packages, the Sky Q Silver Bundle and the Sky Q Bundle, are also available for existing customers with an additional cost of at least £12. The current Sky Family bundle now costs £75.50 with its basic cost at £36, movies at £17 and multi-screen in two rooms at £22.50. With the new Sky Q Silver, the same bundle will save £4.50 at £71.

The Sky Q box is completed with 12 tuners and 'plug and play box' Sky Q Mini, which also functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot. For the first time, it has video quality of Ultra HD 4K, including movies and sports. The new service also comes with what it calls as 'fluid viewing', which combine live and on-demand TV.     

Jeremy Darroch, Sky boss said when launching, "Our ambition was to reinvent TV for the way people live their lives today." Meanwhile, Victoria Woolaston from MailOnline reviewed, "Sky's new product is ambitious, but as an existing Virgin Media customer, some of the features don't seem all that groundbreaking."

According to ISP Review, the new Sky Q installation will start with customers using the Sky broadband before beginning with the other broadband providers. Unfortunately, some of the new features may not operate with a non-Sky ISP, including the Sky Q Hub's WiFi boosting.   

The service has been considered as quite expensive compared to the other services. With the extra costs charged for the upgraded features, Sky should be able to convince customers that its above the average TV packages cost is well worth. The new service can be purchased starting from Friday 12th February in the UK via its 250 outlets, and the first installation will be done around the end of February.   

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