Software Releases: Adobe Launches Flash Professional Successor, Animate CC

By Staff Writer

Feb 10, 2016 12:34 AM EST

Adobe released its new animation tool, Animate CC. This new software was a rebranding of its Flash Professional with the change of name and some major significant improvements, rewritten to incorporate native HTML5 Canvas and other newest supports.

The California-based software company considered the name change as an appropriate move to better describe the new concept of the rebranded animation tool. Adobe stated that the new tool had been developed over the past few years, and it has finally been released on Monday, on what the company claimed as on of their biggest releases ever, as quoted by Venture Beat.

Animate CC users can enjoy new features including HTML5 templates, HTML5 Canvas and WebGL support, 4K+ video export, custom platform support, and real-time drawing, among other distinctive features. But perhaps the most highlighted new feature is CreativeSync integration, whereas Creative Could libraries would be supported in the new tool. That means, now Animate CC users can share contents and creations with other users.

TechCrunch reported that the emergence of HTML5 has been underlined throughout the Flash Professional rebranding process to Animate CC. The tool was made to conform to the new standard that is HTML5, and the new concept and features reflect it. It is also worth noted that HTML5 can now replace Flash for most standard use cases, making Animate CC a great substitution for web animation tool.

Animate CC will still support SWF and AIR contents, so users still have the option to export for the Flash player, as noted by Webdesignerdepot. Adobe is also expanding its output in Animate CC to much more format than Flash Professional, including to SVG. The new tool also makes it easier for users to export project to an .OAM format, making it easier to import the content to other Adobe tools, including Adobe Muse, InDesign, and Dreamweaver.

Besides Animate CC, Adobe also launched a new version of its website designing tool, Muse CC, on the same day. Like Animate CC, the newest version of Muse CC will also feature CreativeSync, enabling Creative Cloud libraries support, Adobe Stock, and Typekit.

Adobe also improved its new Animate CC to be compatible wit iOS 64-bit system operation. That would expand the tool's range of users, especially to those who use more sophisticated devices that can now be supported by the animation tool.

Adobe's rebranding of Flash Professional to Animate CC has created a lot of positive buzz around animators and design-enthusiasts. One of the key new features is CreativeSync integration, which makes it much easier for users to share and access other users' works.

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