Oculus Story Studio Presented Quill, Its New VR Animation Tool

By Staff Writer

Jan 27, 2016 09:15 PM EST

Oculus introduced its new tool, Quill. The tool enable illustrator to draw and create animation inside the VR. This will enhance the process of making a VR film as illustrator can draw directly into the film.

Quill works much like Tilt Brush, according to Tech Crunch, the VR painting app which was recently acquired by Google. Quill utilize Oculus Touch controllers and motion cameras to enable users selecting different brushes and colors, swing their hands through the air, and each flourish appears instantly within the 3D canvas.

However, Oculus does not mention about its plan to make Quill available for public. As for now, the tool is used mainly for Oculus illustrators in creating their VR film in Oculus Story Studio, like the latest short film Dear Angelica.

Oculus Story Studio was estalished in 2015, recruiting 10 Hollywood creatives in order to release five VR film. Oculus announced its film studio in Sundance Film Festival 2015.

The invention of Quill was started during the making of third film, Dear Angelica. Engadget reported that scanning and rebuilding process of the illustrators drawings into CG is a time consuming proces. Therefore, the team decided to try building a tool to allow its illustrator, Wesley Allsbrook to draw directly within VR.

Oculus Story Studio engineer, Inigo Quilez created tool to enable Allsbrook draw the illustration in the VR, hence Quill was created. This new creation introduced a new method for Oculus to make its VR film, following its previous films: Henry and Lost.

Producer of Dear Angelica, Edward Saatchi said regarding Quill, "This is something that's being built completely differently to the way that Henry was built."

While illustrator Wesley Allsbrook said, "Quill allows me to paint in space and paint in time. It records my point of origin. It records how fast I draw. It allows me to make every single asset that we're going to use for this film and make it in a way that is authentic to my own style."

Oculus introduces Quill in 2016 Sundance Film Festival, which is held from Jan. 21 to 31 in Park City, Utah. Richard Trenholm from CNET told his experience trying out Quill in the festival as pure magic. 'At first, I found myself drawing on a flat plane in front of me, as if drawing on a wall. I even stepped from side to side to draw on different parts until Wesley encouraged me to rotate the artwork instead. And as I spun the fish in the air, something amazing happened: I started to draw in 3D."

Quill is a new tool created to cater the need of VR film making for Oculus Studio. The tool enable illustrator to draw in 3D and speed up the process of making a VR film. 

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