Indiegogo launches ‘nursery on wheels’; the first self-propelling stroller of its kind

By Staff Reporter

Jan 20, 2016 09:45 PM EST

Indiegogo has come out with a path-breaking machine that has immediately grabbed the attention of hassled parents. Its self-propelling stroller, aptly named the SmartBe, is now available for sale in the market from Tuesday, January 19.

This high-tech buggy will give the nannies a lot to worry about. Aiming to introduce a new concept for the parents, this machine will move automatically, all the while staying within a parent's reach. So if you are walking or jogging, or even moving uphill at a slow place, the stroller has built-in sensors that will detect all these movements and propel the stroller at a suitable pace.

According to SFGATE, the maker of the SmartBe, Guillermo Morro said that being a father of twin girls, he understood the need for a technologically advanced stroller. "I know how uncomfortable it is to push an ordinary stroller through snow in Manhattan, up hills in San Francisco, or for a jog along the path through the heat and humidity of Miami. So, I set out to design a better stroller, one that combines all the greatest technology to give parents and babies a better experience," he stated.

He also mentioned that an automated stroller will always raise safety concerns, and said that his team comprising engineers has treated this as a top priority. A 'stop cord' is attached to the wrist of the parent at all times which ensures the stroller doesn't roll away on its own. Spokesman Lance Laytner confirmed this fact in his statement, "If the cord is pulled from the stroller it instantly stops," says the Entrepreneur.

Morro also explains the safety feature quite glibly in his "A central processing unit continually monitors every component of the stroller and locks the wheels in case of any malfunction. When in self-propelled mode, a single tap on the handle bar freezes the stroller. Also, if the stroller goes beyond hand distance it automatically slows or stops." The safety feature also ensures that only authorized members like parents or nanny can lock or unlock the wheels.

But the fascinating part is not just the automated strolling mode. The machine comes with a bevy of other features that our parents could've only imagined. A built-in rocker, a bottle warmer, three different retractable canopies to protect the baby against sun, rain, or insects, a SmartBe app that enables child monitoring through its internal and external cameras as well as music through the in-built sound system - all seem like a parental dream. It is also said that every stroller can be expanded to a two-seater without any extra charge.

A lot of thought seems to have gone to the needs of a parent while designing the first self-propelling stroller. As per Baby Gizmo, Morro empathizes with the modern-world parents. "Think of what mothers have to do when out with their babies," he says, "this new category stroller is like an entire nursery on wheels." The crowdfunding company has recently released a YouTube video that showcases how this new toy works.

This one-of-a-kind technological wonder does not come very cheap, though. Prices of models range from $900 to $2900, depending on its features. However, the buyers can get lucky if they manage to grab the early bird price of $399. 

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