Talks of Dow-DuPont Merger: Futuristiic Powerful Mergers Can Help to Reshape the US Corporates

By Money Times

Dec 14, 2015 09:40 AM EST

The new financiers are all set to invest a good amount of money into futuristic campaigns. They wish to bring in a much-needed transformation to the numerous U.S. companies that have created a solid niche in the past few years by producing high returns.

The influence of the active future investors is quite strong that helps in reshaping the US corporate landscape. They acquire big stakes on the big companies.

According to the Reuters report, the move toward bigger targets comes as the overall number of U.S. activist campaigns. It is set to surge past 400, data from research firm Activist Insight data show, eclipsing last year's post financial-crisis record of 300. This is a trend that is expected to continue into 2016.

The discussion of a merger between Du Pont and Dow Chemical, the two major chemical companies based in the US are being prompted to be a part of the futuristic investment campaigns. This discussion of a merger became the talk of the town with powerful analysis and monitoring by not only the US but other countries too.

According to the Yahoo Finance news, Dow rallied to a record and DuPont was on track for its biggest daily gain in seven years as investors expressed astonishment at a possible $130 billion combination of the longtime rivals. The shareholder of Du Pont, Eric Linser of Avant-Garde Advisors said that he literally couldn't believe the news and was blown away. For him, it was like Pepsi and Coca Cola's merger and then dividing into other small businesses.

Both the companies remained tight-lipped and did not comment on the newsbreak. The hyped news of collaboration also increased both the companies share by 12 percent. Dow's shares increased by 12% to $56.97 and Du Pont's shares saw a 12% jump to $74.49 and the session high reached to $75.72.

As per the Archy Newsy report, "We are talking with lots of activists, even first-time activists, who're preparing for proxy season the coming year, stated Bruce Goldfarb, the leader of proxy advisory firm Okapi Partners. "Even when the marketplaces get rattled and shook by a rate of interest move in a few days, I believe we'll see record activity in investor activism the coming year."

The interest rates at the US Federal Reserve are expected to rise for the first time in the last 10 years. There have been many announcements of mergers and other financing activities by the big investors during last few months. According to a futuristic advisor, holding a big amount of shares is just a trend or a "fundamental structure shift" and not punches thrown in by the campaigner.

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