Newest Android and iOs Games of 2015: Paradise for Gamers

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Nov 24, 2015 08:36 PM EST

Are you a die-hard android or iOs game lover? Who would not like to enrich their games collection by including latest 2015 games in their touchscreen devices? To know the hottest game trend of each month, you need to update yourself now and then.

With a plethora of fabulous new entries in 2015 games collection, you will surely find the one that suits your taste. Whether you are looking for something in speed series or a completely offbeat game, November updated game list will offer you all.

According to Androidpit news reports, Zombie-themed endless runner is a new game with a highly original idea in speed series whereas the tree game is one of the best you might have played this year. Prune, QuickBoy, Need for Speed are some unique android games that are creating quite a buzz this month.

Apple store is like a source of never-ending entertainment. Unlimited new iOs games are hitting the shelves each and every month if not a week. Due to this huge traffic in the advent of new games, several best games tend to be overlooked. Some of the games even tend to be submerged under a pile of meaningless clone games too.

Keeping the huge competition in mind, some of the November's interesting game releases are Lumino City, OctoDad: Deadliest Catch, Stay, Mum, Beneath the Lighthouse, Brothers, etc. The Stuff news reports, Lumino City which is actually released on PC, a striking puzzle has won BAFTA from the gifted team over at the State of Play.

2015 is already being considered as one of the powerful years of mobile games. Amazing game titles arrived on the floor this year. People got to enjoy the sequel games. Some of the unknown games have put the game stage on fire. Games came from nowhere have suddenly become the heartthrobs of ardent game lovers.

There are some games that are quite popular in both android and the iOs world. These games are DucktalesRemastered, Zombie Highway 2, Dungeon Hunter 5, Tales from the Borderlands and many more. According to Forbes report, Zombie Highway 2 made it clear that killing zombies in an innovative way and in intricate situations will never bore gamers.

While Zombie game is quite addictive for race gamers, DucktalesRemastered comes up with a hint of nostalgia. It is the revamped version of 90's cartoon television classic. The tellTale game is apt for those who prefer hit and click game on the run. However, if you are more of an action lover, the hack and slash Dungeon game will take your breath away.

There are several games that first launch as web games and later on introduced as mobile games after becoming smashing hits. Nothing can be better to test your new smartphones with these hot and happening 2015 android and iOs games. Whether you want to meditate, be scared or have fun through your mobile games, the November collection provides you all.

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