Women Rules The Education Scenario In Many Countries: Does The Professional World Reflect The Same?

By Money Times

Nov 24, 2015 08:20 PM EST

Today, women set their fight straight and groom themselves with the right education to face the competitive world. They create their own space in this aggressive professional industry but do they receive equal facilities as compared with men?

Education is a vital part of the society and has a great value. The attendance of the female candidates in various universities has seen a steady growth in the recent past. Being a graduate has now become one of the rising global trends. In many sections of the globe, the erudite women have outnumbered learned men.

With the growth and progression of the rights of women, one can see the introduction and significance of the power of women worldwide, which was previously ruled by men resolutely. The education is becoming the strong foundation for women empowerment.

"We looked at Mexico, which does not have a particularly wide gap between male and female English skills. But when we examined to what extent girls and boys differed from each other in that regard, we were surprised how much girls were ahead of their male counterparts," Kate Bell said according to the NDTV.

The Yale University study reveals that 60% of the women in the US are annual university graduates with 60% master degree holders and 52% doctorate degree holders. The reports confirm the dedication of women to excel in academia and achieve success in comparison to the men.

The universities in Saudi Arabia have half of the women candidates as the attendees out of 1million enrollments according to the last year's reports of Saudi Embassy. It is truly a progressive attainment as the women in Saudi do not have permission to operate their own vehicle and still, the women are more educated than the Saudi men.

According to The Guardian news, the executive chairman and founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab said, "We need to create a world where women's contributions and ideals are as valued as those of men."

In Argentina, the percentage of women attending universities has risen above fifty percent. The Brazilian universities reveal a growth of 60% women attendees in various post graduate and graduate courses. There are more women university graduates than men yet; women receive around 30% lesser pay than what men earns.

In spite of the progressive women creating a solid base with their degrees, the pay packages of women are not equal to their male counterparts. There should not be any gender disparity but according to the Nation's report, women's package today is equal to the pay package of men in 2006. If the current trend continues, it will take another 118 years to equalize the pay packages of men and women for equal work.

Spain, Chile, and Estonia also records a higher percentage of women graduates and post graduates than men but everywhere the percentage of working women is lesser than men. In spite of being highly educated, the Iranian women do not participate in the professional fields. The Canadian and Finnish women have a high rate of degree holders compared to their male counterparts.

Women are more educated than men but, when it comes to employment the rate decreases so are the earnings. The women are grasping the boundless advantages of education and maintain a firm hold on it. Equalities in the professional world are essential for the deserving educated women. 

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