Britain's weirdest, but highest paid jobs

By Money Times

Nov 24, 2015 08:02 PM EST

There are unbelievably weird jobs popping up in Britain that pays a ridiculously high amount of money.

According to Unum, looking for the right candidates for these particular jobs may take time since they require more specific skills compared to other typical work. One example is the tea taster, which requires the applicant to be good at identifying the different ingredients in a cup of tea.

On top of the list is the chief listening officer, who eavesdrops on social media platforms on what customers are saying about the brand they are working for. They are getting paid £61,000, according to the Business Insider.

Second is the window cleaner for the Gherkin who earns £50,000 for cleaning the 7,429 panes of glasses on an iconic building. Next is the Queen's piper who earns £48,000 for playing the bagpipes every 9 a.m. outside the Queen's window. Sewer flusher may not sound like such an aromatic job, but people can get paid £45,000 for it. Walk on water architects have to build floating houses due to the housing shortage crisis and they get paid £35,000 for it. The London dungeon actor dress up like a classical horror legend, like Jack the Ripper, and scare people. They earn £30,000 for this acting gig.

In the Burton Mail, there are four jobs that are tied up in the top ten. One is the beefeater who acts as a guard to the London Tower and gets paid £25,000 for it. The other is the professional tea tester has to try out 300 different types of tea a day and get £25,000 for it. Another is the golf ball driver who fishes the golf balls that went into the pond for a hefty £25,000. Last is the cool hunter typically looks for the next big trending stuff.

The rest are pet psychologists, eel ecologists, vibration consultant, the raven master, water slide tester, pet food tester, bed warmer, and the professional queuer.

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