Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Performance Reviews

November 10
7:40 PM 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the top-notch phablet made by the Korean electronic giant. Its extra large screen and specifications make it the choice of professionals. Let us meet the product, and how its performs according to three respected reviewers. 

Katharine Byrne from Expert Review UK in her review said Samsung Galaxy Note 5 built quality has dramatically improved since the excellent Galaxy Note 4. She also felt unfortunate that the phablet is not sold in Europe. Its uses glass back and front, metal frame on a 5.7 inches screen that stands out with 518 dpi pixel density providing more than enough details. It is equipped with super AMOLED panel giving superb color with high image quality. 

AMOLED is an advanced display technology in mobile devices and television. It uses the active matrix to enhance color into brighter and more vivid display in bigger screen.  The name is an acronym of Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode, combining the active matrix in thin-film-display technology. Super AMOLED is a trademark of Samsung technology in enhancing AMOLED display technology.

Scott Kramer, Forbes reviewer, was surprised about how much fun he enjoyed using Galaxy Note 5 and he never used it to make a single phone call for 10 days he tested the smartphone. He admitted, "I've had so much fun exploring the phone and all it offers that I simply just forgot to place a call." He also noted that was funny because that shows of how our priorities change over time, "When we first got cell phones years ago, we were most-concerned about the quality of phone connections." However, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 provides a new type of device dubbed as phablet, a phone and tablet in one single device.

Phablet is a portmanteau of phone and tablet and designated as a combination of smartphone and tablet computer. It is a device with a big screen smaller than a tablet but bigger than regular smartphone, which normally a 4-inch display. Smartphone manufacturers began to look at phablet as a new frontier since 2012. Several market reports show that in 2014, phablet sales have exceeded laptops, computer, and PC. 

Another reviewer is a senior editor of Technology News Extra, Vasilhs Tsiklos, who compared Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with a new Blackberry Priv. Tsiklos specifically compares only specification and price of the gadgets. Based on design, display, performance, camera, software, battery and price, Tsiklos go for Samsung's because he said, " combines top of the class performance, with the coolest of features and a pretty stylish design that could all turn your tool for work into an all in one device, in no time."

As the latest in its kind, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the enhancement of its previous Note 4. With so many new feature like a Wireless Charging Pad, it is a device that stands out according to reviewers. 

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