Linux Kernel 4.3 is Released After a Blurt Message from Creator

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Nov 04, 2015 08:29 PM EST

Linux, the once revolutionary operating system in the 1990's, has just released its latest kernel version. The release of its new 4.3 kernel was preceded by an angry message by its creator due to bad programming code.

The story of Linux began as a college project by Linus Torvalds in 1991, and within years became a revolutionary operating system. Linux led the Open Source movement to play major role in revolutionizing software industry and Internet. Open Source concept created a new computer programming culture. Together with Linux, they have penetrated almost every aspect of modern computer world as we know today.

Now, Linux has been around for more than 20 years. Its core components, called kernel, also resides at the heart of Android operating system who dominates global smart phone market. Last Sunday, an official announcement made by Linus Torvalds himself in a Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML), informing the release of latest Linux kernel 4.3. LKML has always been a source of information for everything happen in Linux kernel development, and it is the primary communication channel for Linux developers around the world. 

For 24 years, all releases of Linux Kernel always come from Linus Torvalds decision. Prior to release of kernel 4.3, Linus Torvalds sent a rant to bad code in the kernel mailing list. As Gizmodo reported that Torvalds, the legendary programmer, can't stand bad code that popping up in Linux 4.3. So, he sent an infuriating message, expressing his frustration of a function which should be done with tools. He also said other complaints in a more like a nag, throwing tantrums at bad code that is not placed according to his preference.

Although Linus Torvalds is the undisputed leader in Linux, his angry message with harsh language might discourage people from contributing to Linux kernel source code. Apparently, that was not the first and only time Linus did that. As Softpedia News reported, the problem is a strong language that he employs to criticize programmers who contributed to Linux code. Softpedia News also added that Linus comes down so hard on them that they are unlikely to forget they have been scolded by Linus himself. Although nobody denies he is right in technical point of view, Linus Torvalds keeps showing that he really cared about Linux code only not about people.

Linux Kernel development is a true autocracy. A development ecosystem in which Torvalds is the only one who has final say. Therefore, he never likes people do things differently from his view on Linux Kernel. He will surely take a strong stance against them. He just showed it with long harsh comment in three days before the release of new Kernel 4.3.  

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