State, Provinces & Regions To Materialize Pledges For Global Warming Advocacy

The worldwide pledge to conquer climate change is being materialized.

More Than 30 Regions Can Now Avail Apple's Music Student Membership

Apple Music student membership is now available to some additional areas in the world...

Schizophrenia Acroos Regions between Male and Female

Here are some comparison of the male and female differences on schizophrenia in other regions in the world..

Fighting Lifestyle Diseases Through Understanding Africa's Gene Pool

Home to about 1.2 billion of the world’s population, Africa, the world’s second largest and second most populous country on Earth, is excessively troubled by the challenges in its society such as the ..

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Ivory Coast President Said Al-Qaeda Terror Attack Wouldn’t Impede With The Country’s Economic Progress
In the wake of the Al-Qaeda attack on a beach resort in Ivory Coast, the country’s president has tighten the security measures across the nation. Ivory Coast is striving to improve its economy, especi
The Egyptian Central Bank Devalues Currency Against US Dollar, Mulls For Raising Benchmark Rates
Economists and analysts have repeatedly been suggesting for devaluation of local currency in a bid to ease pressure on foreign currency reserves. But the Egyptian central bank has refrained from doing
South Africa's Manufacturing and Mining Output Contract, Slow Down Economy Even More
South Africa's output in the manufacturing and mining sector might not be a good sign to start the year right. More mining sites stopped their operations creating illegal mining. The president should
Kenya Airways Reveals $690 Million Bailout Plan After Incurring Loss $261 Million Last Year
Kenya Airlines has recorded an annual loss of $690 million during 2015. Following the ever largest corporate debacle in Kenyan history, the struggling national carrier has revealed bailout plan for $6
South Africa's Deteriorating Gold Industry and Economy
South Africa's gold industry is degenerating along with its economy. With the shut down of many gold mines, many workers are laid off leaving them no jobs and no food. This forces them to mine illegal
Egyptian Billionaire Naguib Sawiris Will Finalize Acquisition of CI Capital Holding by the End of March
The acquisition will create a second largest investment bank in Egypt. Sawiris acquired CI Capital Holding with its investment arm, Orascom Telecom Media and Technology.
Zimbabwe Government Robbed of Wealth, Takes Control of Diamond Mining Fields
The Zimbabwe government will now take control all of the mining fields in the country as the state is being robbed of its wealth. Billions of dollars have been stolen from the nation's treasure chest
22 Years After the Apartheid in South Africa: White Squatter Camp
White people were once ruling and oppressive class in South Africa, As government wipe out the apartheid, unskilled white people are ousted and have to live in slums. There are more than 400,000 white
Eskom to Receive Last Payment of 5 Billion Rand Bailout By Next Week
Next week, Eskom will be paid the remaining balance from the bailout. Eskom CE Brian Molefe expressed frustration to learn that Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced that the funds will be withhel
South Africa Unemployment Rate Declines to 24.5% in Q4
South Africa's unemployment rate drops to 24.5% in the fourth quarter due to increased employment in the finance industry which offsets job losses in agriculture and construction sector. But with the
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