Oil drilling rig

$40 Oil Price and its Impact on U.S Economy

Commodities such as oil is slowly declining following the Black Monday selling pressure on 24th August raising concern among investors regarding current world economics. China stock took a plunge and Dow Jones Industrial average hit its lowest value for 2015 on that day.

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Christine Lagarde

Interest rate hike could harm global economy - IMF

The International Monetary Fund raises concern about the potential fallout of a US rate hike this year. The fund says raising interest rates at this time puts the already fragile global economy at risk. "Monetary policy must stay accommodative to prevent real interest rates from rising prematurely," the IMF said Wednesday in a letter to top central bankers and finance ministers meeting in Turkey this week.

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The Interview

Ex-Sony Pictures employees filed a class action lawsuit settlement over "The Interview" hacking

Ex-Sony Pictures Entertainment employees filed a proposed class action lawsuit on Wednesday regarding the breach of records with the entertainment company in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

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Three Steps to Take at the End of your Student Loan Grace Period

Grace period is the time given by the government and other agencies to the student before any loan repayment needs to be done. This period was given purposely to help all students to settle down on and being financially stable before they make another commitment. During this grace period, students need to plan well on how they can tackle the debt as it will help the student to still be financially stable when they start paying the debt.

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Google Classroom adds a Chrome extension for teacher-student website sharing

Today, Google announced at its San Francisco office a new feature for their Google Classroom - a Chrome extension. The new feature will allow teachers to share website with their student eliminating the need for teachers to pass the URL to students for them to click on.

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Google Gets a New Logo

After the restructuring announcement made by Google earlier this month to introduce Alphabet, Google today unveils their new logo to the world. Still keeping their old word mark type of logo, Google's new logo feature a softer color tone and is made of sans-serif typeface.

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Smart watch war: Huawei versus Apple Watch

Make way for the arrival of Huawei Watch on September 17 at Best Buy,, Amazon and Google Store in the U.S. The price starts at $349, and pre-orders begin September 2.

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HANA Vora, new tool from SAP, helps customers mend data deluge

HANA Vora software, the just-launched database query tool from SAP AG, has been developed to enable users to make a sense of a deluge of real-world data emerging from several transactions including retailing, transport systems, social media, online transactions, etc.

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Apple store

Malware for jailbroken iOS devices steal Apple IDs from 225,000 people

Another data theft involving Apple was reported over the weekend where some 225,000 Apple account login data were stolen. The attacks originated from a malware of a family known as KeyRaider. It was distributed widely through an alternative App Store website known as Cydia in China.

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Capitol Hill

US economy is growing amidst looming global financial crisis

With current economic uncertainty, investors and citizens are asking whether the country will get affected by the looming global financial distress. Latest report by Business Insider shows that despites the turbulence, US economy has grown by 3.7 percent in the second quarter of 2015, and the unemployment rate fell to 5.3 percent this year compared to 6.2 percent last year.

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Netflix Inc.

Seven tech companies formed an alliance to develop a new standard for open source video format

Seven technology giants; Google, Netflix, Mozilla, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel and Amazon collaborate to work on with an open source video format that would abolish video plugins soon.

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Citigroup Center

Citigroup says it's time to rebuild its equities unit

Citigroup announced that they are planning to rebuild its equity unit soon. The move is seen as a bold action by the bank considering current economic situation and the "Volcker rule" regulation which limits banks investment in such funds.

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Job Hiring

US job gain projections turn spotlight on rate hike

The latest projects indicating job gains in August are giving a much wider scope for US Fed rate hike speculation. According to research firms, non-farm payrolls were up 220,000 in August from 215,000 in July. Unemployment rate is also at 5.2 percent indicating near seven-and-a-half-year low.

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US residential lending

US home lending grows for 5 quarters in a row

At a time when the US construction sector is showing renewed activity, the rise in construction spending is boosting the US gross domestic product (GDP). At this juncture, home builders are upbeat on the prospects in the real estate and construction sectors as availability of loans is longer scarce.

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50% drop in Viacom stock wipes out $16B

The concerns about the future course of Viacom among its investors led the continuous drop in stock on Nasdaq. The latest watching ratings on Viacom's MTV, Nickelodeon, Spike and Comedy Central steeply fell when compared to its competitors. This has created doubts among the company's investors, who resorted to offload their holdings on Nasdaq exchange.

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