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Food scraps

Most restaurants are not familiar with the protection Food Donation Act gives

There is a big chunk of food supply that ends up in landfills every year. Instead of donating to nonprofit organizations, a lot of restaurant owners give their leftovers to their staff or throw them away. They are under the wrong assumption that precooked food can't be donate for possible liabilities. Little do they know that there is an law called the Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act that protects them when they donate food.

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Texting while driving

Are smartphones the new killing machine? Road accidents caused by not-so-smart phone users

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that deadly traffic accidents in the US increased 8.1% over the first six months of this year. The road regulator suggested smartphones and other driving distraction to be the largest cause of traffic fatalities.

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Mountain climbing

The Kronos: The world's first 'T' rated technical wooden ice climbing tool

Ice climbing is a risk-taking sport, which involves patience, strength, motivation and obviously, a tool to climb ice covered mountains. The equipment needs careful manufacturing and has to be light, stiff, flexible enough for shock absorption, and cheap enough for dirt bag climbers.

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Martin Shkreli

Turing Pharmaceuticals Won't Cut Price of Daraprim

Turing Pharmaceuticals said that it won't cut the list price of the drug. However, it will negotiate discount price with hospital. Last September, Turing Pharmaceuticals raised the price of live-saving drugs, Daraprim by more than fifty times.

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Warren Christopher (L) and William Perry (R)

U.S Government Is Putting Huge Effort To Pace Up With The Surging Demand Of Weapons

In order to ensure faster processing of foreign arms sales in the US, the government is putting immense effort. In the financial year 2015, the foreign arms sales heaved 36% to 46.6 billion. Besides, as per pentagon official's view, the sudden surge expected to remain strong in the coming years.

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Medical kickbaack

5 charged in $580M medical kickback scheme

Five people have been charged with kickback scheme related to billing that costs the government and insurance companies to the tune of $580 million. Doctors and others benefited from this scam by referring patients to two Southern California hospitals.

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Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin's rocket returns safely after space flight; Jeff Bezos sees suborbital flights by 2017 founder Jeff Bezos-owned space company, Blue Origin, has surpassed a significant milestone as its rocket ship returned and landed safely after travelling in outer space.

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Star Wars

Google features 'Star Wars' themes, making users choose to join "Dark side," "Light Side" N

Google hopped in to the Star Wars fever by feature themes from the upcoming Disney movies on all its sites, allowing people to choose to either be in the "Dark side" or the "Light Side."

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Li-Fi, a wireless technology that is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

Li-Fi, a superfast wireless technology, has been proven to be able to transmit data about 100 times faster than current Wi-Fi technology in its first real world test. An Estonian startup Vermenni revealed that it has begun trialling Li-Fi within offices and industrial environments in Tallin and found that the technology is able to send data at up to 1 GB per second.

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Edward Markey

FAA Task Force to create free three step Drone Registration process

The Federal Aviation Administration's drone registration task force will develop a simple and free national drone registration system. A government task force will create a three-step registration process, according to a report by ARS Technica.

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India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Google, Facebook among Silicon Valley majors to lead India's broader free internet

Silicon Valley technology firms see robust business potential in India as over a billion people are without internet access. Most of the US-based technology majors are looking to India to bring more people online to get connected to their services.

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Scientists genetically modified mosquitoes to be malaria-resistant

Scientists at the Unversity of California have created malaria-resistant mosquitoes to eliminate the insects' ability to transmit the disease to humans. Using a gene-editing technology, they also ensure the mosquitoes pass on that resistant gene as they reproduce.

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People with unpaid IRS debt can have their Passports cancelled

A bill that prohibits people with unpaid IRS loans from travelling is expected to become law very soon. The Federal government has been going after travelling people who are reporting their taxes incorrectly for a very long time, but now, they plan to apprehend those with unpaid IRS loans.

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6 tips to avoid over spending

Holiday occasions bring smiles and enthusiasm in thousands of people as they celebrate by exchanging gifts and inviting people for a feast. This sometimes can lead to overspending, thus making a household budget jeopardized.

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Despite easing foreign trade, Russian markets turn attractive

The steep fall in oil price is impacting Russia's foreign trade more in a negative way, while the financial markets are witnessing renewed interest from overseas investors and fund managers as well.

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