Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Jolts Kumamoto

Japan Jolts With 6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Causing Death, Building-Collapse, Road And Rail Block

An earthquake with at least 6.0 magnitude has hit the southwestern part of Japan causing nine deaths and injuring more than 800. Though no Tsunami warning has been served, but more than 100 aftershocks have created panic among the residents of the most hit town Mashiki. Japanese Prime Minister has vowed to do everything in life-saving and rescue operations.

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Chinese Youngers Play Online Games At An Internet Cafe In Wuhan

Alibaba, Baidu, and 23 Other Chinese Tech Companies Pledged to Help Government Fight Online Terrorism

As a response to China’s new anti-terror law, 25 tech companies in the country have signed a pledge to help the government combat online terror activities. Under the law, tech companies are required to decrypt information for Beijing and provide assistance to keep the internet from terror-related contents.

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Christine Lagarde And Robert Zoellick Hold Briefings At Start Of IMF-WB Spring Meeting

IMF Warns of New Financial Crisis and Economic Instability, Calling Immediate Action

The IMF calls banks, policy makers, and other key players in both advanced and emerging markets to address economic problems immediately. IMF warned that current issues and uncertainty could lead to a new financial crisis or economic stagnancy in a global sense.

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World Economic Outlook

India is Experiencing a Massive Cash Surge of More Than Rs 60,000 Crore During Election Period

The central bank of India is looking into a phenomenon of a massive surge in the public cash during the election period. Election expenses and cash gifts for voters are among the factors speculated to contribute to the cash spike.

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Rally in Pakistan

Google Removed an App Developed by the Taliban from the Play Store

Google has removed a Taliban-developed application from the Play Store. While the aim of the application is likely to be establishing its existence digitally as well as globally, the use of the Pastho language indicated that the application targeted mainly local audience.

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Ivy League Diversity

Canada’s Liberal Budget Provides More Financial Aids to Students, Making Post-Secondary Education More Attainable

Canadian students can now receive more grants as the government’s first budget revealed more financial aids for post-secondary students. In addition, graduates will not be demanded to pay students loan back until they make $25,000 a year.

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Los Angeles Clippers v Chicago Bulls

Scottie Pippen's ex-money advisor convicted for deceiving clients

Former investment advisor of Scottie Pippen has been sentenced to up to three years in prison for deceiving his clients. Pippen said that this betrayal has left him and his wife, Larsa, more anxious about their future financial condition.

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Haft-Sin Table

Ancient Persian's New Year was Celebrated on Sunday

Nowruz is the day of vernal equinox that marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. A ancient Persian celebration which dated back in the Zoroastrian tradition was celebrated on Sunday.

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Marijuana Growing At Los Suenos Farms As Colorado's $1-Billion Pot Industry Saves Towns

New Zealand Suffers Acute Shortage of Marijuana: 42% Aged Kiwis Familiar With Smoking Weed

Use of cannabis is very common in the island state of New Zealand. Around 42% of all aged Kiwis have reportedly tried the most popular but illegal substance. However, the island nation is going through acute shortage of weed due to drought, flood and intervention from the law enforcers.

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Anti-Gay Marriage Proposition 8 Passes In California

Tech Company 373K Decides to Move From Georgia Due to "Anti-Gay" Bill

Tech company 373K decided to move from Georgia due to religious freedom bill that would allow anti-gay discrimination. After reaching the decision to move through voting, the company is now in the process in moving to Delaware.

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Pittsburgh Skyline At Dusk

Pittsburgh is Emerging as a Food and Lifestyle Destination, Drawing Youths to Pursue Personal Projects in The City

Pittsburgh’s culinary sector is growing fast as the city host more and more projects in the past few years. Cheap rent is believed to have drawn a lot of people, especially youth, to pursue their project in the city.

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Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns Throughout Iowa

Anti-Trump Groups Spends Millions on Ads on Trump's Sexist Quotes against Women

Anti-Trump groups are spending millions in campaign and advertisements to stop him from winning the presidency nomination. A new Anti-Trump ad is showing women read aloud the GOP frontrunner’s sexist quotes on women. The producer spent millions to air the ad.

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French Maintain Ivory Coast Buffer Zone

Ivory Coast President Said Al-Qaeda Terror Attack Wouldn’t Impede With The Country’s Economic Progress

In the wake of the Al-Qaeda attack on a beach resort in Ivory Coast, the country’s president has tighten the security measures across the nation. Ivory Coast is striving to improve its economy, especially through foreign investment.

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The SNP Hold Their Spring Conference

Nicola Sturgeon Acknowledges Scotland's Economy Challenges, Said The Country Remains Fundamentally Strong After £15 Billion Deficit

Scottish First Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said in an interview that the country’s economy remains strong even amid challenges that she acknowledges. She expects that the huge deficit would be manageable after separation.

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Valeant Pharmaceuticals Headquarters As Investors Rise To Its Defense

Valeant Pharma investing in R&D; All eyes on Q4 results

Drug maker Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc is facing a variety of problems. Valeant has changed its aggressive investment strategy and turned keen on research and development. Valeant is also facing Federal investigation over its pricing strategies.

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