Social Security

Social Security: What and When to Collect; What's the Max Strategy if Single, Never Married with No Kids

Most consider their Social Security as their biggest asset. But to get the best from your lifetime benefits, you must know what and when to collect.

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Visa credit cards

When Is the Right Time to Transfer Balances to a New Credit Card?

For most people, purchases are made using debit or credit cards. If one is not careful enough with the use of his debit/credit card, he will surely be in big trouble with debts and interests.

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Hawaii leads most expensive states in US; New York slips to 3rd position

The latest rankings on most expensive states in the US reveal that New York is no more the most expensive place in America. The Aloha State (Hawaii became Aloha State officially by 1959 Legislative Act) moved up to the top position in the list of most expensive state in the US for first quarter of 2015 from second most expensive state status in 2014.

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Senior workers can remain significant for tomorrow's work

When it comes to jobs, there are variations in the gender, race, color, and most of all the age. Wherever you look there are older workers who got old working in a certain company or already at that age and was still able to work because of his knowledge and skills.

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What the 2016 presidential candidates have to say about student loans

The issue of student loan debt has leapt into the spotlight this election season, and people are more intent than ever to hear what the presidential hopefuls have to say about this particular issue.

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Internal Revenue

What to do with excess contribution in your retirement account?

There are many ways you might have contributed too much to your IRA without knowing it. Maybe the full amount was contributed to both a traditional and a Roth IRA. Perhaps you set up a monthly contribution that automatically pays and forgot to put a stop to it before your contribution limit exceeded. Or, maybe you just screwed up.

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Bored with problem sets? Why not solve real people's problems - and make money out of it

College can be a simultaneously enjoyable and challenging time in people's lives. As much fun as it can be to just throw caution to the wind and make the most of youth, the looming threat of responsibility brought on by adulthood and the world beyond the school's doors are constant reminders that this is not exactly the time to be as carefree as one can be.

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401K: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Alternative

A 401k loan is stirring a negative public impression lately and many argues whether it's something worth risking for. Forbes's Investing section contributor Michael Smith gives his expert advice on the matter.

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Patricia Rodgers

Women executives in Charlotte share their stories; how they get on top?

In a recent event held by Charlotte Chamber's "Women Who Lead", sponsored by the Bank of America Corporation, the stories of these women executives were highlighted: Andrea Smith, Charlotte Chamber's Chairwoman and Bank of America's new CAO; Cathy Bessant, Bank of America's chief operations and technology officer; Muriel Sheubrooks, a former partner of the Greater Carolinas Real Estate; and Pat Rodgers, CEO of Rodgers Builders.

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School supplies

Going back to school is expensive to both parents and teachers: study

The National Retail Federation predicted that a regular household will spend more than $600 this year for school supplies. The amount is said have reduced from last year's spending.

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Financial advice

Look forward to your retirement: Some tips on how to retire smarter

Retirees typically are concerned with their income and safety when old age comes. And while there are plenty of retirement investments to choose from, choosing one can be confusing and not to mention daunting. Finance experts consider market investments a better choice for a safer retirement than insurance products.

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U.S. savings bonds

Americans saving more, but not for retirement

A greater number of Americans are saving their hard-earned money, not for retirement but for emergencies. According to an annual survey by financial research firm Hearts & Wallets, household savings in 2014 was at 5.5%, nearly a percentage point higher than the previous year.

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Spanish coin

A family of treasure hunters discovered $1M worth of gold coins in Florida seaboard

A family of treasure hunters found $1 million worth of Spanish gold coins. The shipwreck was identified as the Capitana, a cargo fleet that sank 300 years ago due to a hurricane passing through Florida going to Havana carrying loads of fortune.

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Not all cities are created equal: Here are the best places to retire abroad

Retirees planning on settling overseas often consider costs of living as their deciding factor. Aside from the coveted seaside views, friendly English-speaking community and safety, investment is also a factor to contemplate on.

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Job Fair

Brooklyn Law School to reimburse 15% of the tuition for unemployed graduates

Officials from a New York Law School claim that it usually takes nine months for their graduates to find the appropriate job or get the requisite license. With this fact in mind, Brooklyn Law School announced plans to reimburse tuition for its students who are still unemployed nine months after graduating.

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