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Fresh tuna

Starkist class action settlement gives consumers refund in cash or tuna

Starkist Tuna settled a class action lawsuit for under filling its five-ounce tuna by few tenths of an ounce, and is now required to pay back consumers with cash or tuna.

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FAA recorded almost 700 drones and aircraft near collisions

FAA reported that there had been almost 700 close encounters between drones and planes. Drones have no permissions to soar the sky of more than 400 feet off the ground or within the five miles of any airport, but on the day of August 15, drones messed with air traffic in the Unites States, dozens of them.

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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan proves he wasn’t after the money, Donates $8.9M to charity

Michael Jordan said that he was pleased with the decision of the jury to have the owners of Dominick's pay the athlete $8.9 million after using his name in an ad without his consent.

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Same sex marriage

US allows social security benefits for same-sex spouses

Gay couples can now collect their Social Security benefits, the government announced Thursday. According to the advisory, same-sex married couples who resides in states that haven't yet legalized their unions and who have filed claims for their Social Security benefits can now get those payments.

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Jack Warner

US to anti-money body: Delete soccer warning

Several countries including the US told a global anti-money laundering organization that they should delete the public warning it had given last June to various financial institutions regarding corruption in soccer.

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Citigroup pays $180M over collapsed hedge funds, More than seven years after the financial crisis

Citigroup has agreed to pay almost $180 million to investors to settle allegations of making false representations on hedge funds that collapsed during the financial crisis.

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Dish Network

FCC denies $3.3B subsidy claim of Dish Network

The Federal Communications Commission announced Monday that Dish Network Corp. can't avail the $3.3 billion credit to acquire the airwaves it gained through a government auction.

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Legal consultation

Things Your Lawyers Won't Reveal To You about Bankruptcy Filing

Bankruptcy has been a part of every business even an individual's life and most of the time is hard to avoid. Generally, seeking the help of a bankruptcy lawyer as one declares bankruptcy would definitely ease the burden.

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India High Court favored Nestle over food regulator noodle ban

Nestle finds relief when the Bombay High Court on Thursday lifts the food safety regulator's order of a nationwide ban on the sale Nestle India's famous 2-minute Maggi Noodles.

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Workers' protest

Zirtual faces lawsuit for abrupt mass layoff

A lawsuit filed against Zirtual by employees who were allegedly terminated by the company without prior notice. The company provides a pool of virtual assistants for busy professionals for a fee. It has its main office in Las Vegas and employed virtual assistants all over the country.

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Christopher Lischewski

Bumble Bee Foods to pay $6M in fees for horrific death of worker

Three years ago, Jose Melena, 62, was burned alive inside the Bumble Bee Foods industrial oven. On Wednesday, Bumble Bee Foods was required to pay $6 million total in fees for the incident.

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Statue of Liberty

Judge Rules NYC Responsible Banking Act Unconstitutional as it Conflicts with Existing Federal and State Statutes

A three-year-old law in New York City created to keep tabs on their social efforts to meet the needs of their low-income neighbors was deemed unconstitutional, according to a US federal judge.

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Vitaly Korchevsky

Traders and hackers earned $100M on stocks from stealing news

A group of traders and web hackers accumulated over $100M by gaining access to corporate press releases on news websites Market Wired, PR Newswire and Business Wire before the news were published. The hackers have been trading the advance stolen news to Wall Street traders for five years, fed authorities caught on Tuesday.

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Protest for higher pay

These are the US cities with higher wage growth than the national average

Cities such as Columbus (Ohio), San Francisco, Louisville (Ky), Virginia Beach (Va) are registering encouraging growth in wages of over five percent while other cities have only 2.1% growth.

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Protest for higher pay

New Yorkers thumbs up to $15 per hour wage increase

New Yorkers see no problem in paying more for fast food items just so fast food workers can earn more. Last month, the New York State's wage board approved the much controversial $15 per hour minimum wage for fast food workers and such wage increase would mean an increase of 4.3% in fast food prices.

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