Customers of MF Global Will Receive $1.8 Billion In Liquidation Case

U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of New York on Tuesday ended the liquidation proceeding of the MF Global. Judge Martin Glenn ruled to close the estate of the defunct brokerage and repay the customers $1.8 billion .

US economic woes not due to lower oil prices

The US economy woes are not due to oil price drop, opine economists, who rule out the common view of financial media, government officials and academic that attribute the oil price drop to the American economic woes. The oil price fall will be detrimental to oil producing nations, but it's a boon to the rest of the economy.

IEA warns of worse than expected oil glut

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned that short-term risks downside have increased as oil glut is expected to be worse than anticipated. With Iran resuming oil production, the sluggish global demand is adding further to the woes. OPEC's continuation of oil production is keeping pressure on oil prices.

Obama Administration's 2017 Budget More Than $4 Trillion

US President Barrack Obama has finally disclosed the 2017 US budget details. Never to shy away from what he deems right, even in the last year of presidency, he has included his long-term liberal plans that have been widely criticized by the Congress. The highlighted ones are his global climate change initiative, fee levied on crude oil, and enhanced medical care for cancer patients and drug addicts.

Ratan Tata Invests In Moglix, An E-commerce Company Owned By Rahul Garg

Ratan Tata has made investment in a new venture Moglix, an e-commerce company owned by Rahul Garg. The B2B procurement company deals with like MRO's, fasteners and industrial electrical with manufacturers across India, China and many other Asian countries

Stentrode, the Device That Enables Patients to Control Exoskeletons With The Power of Mind

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is on the verge of a medical breakthrough with its 'Stentrode' - a small, paper-clip-like brain implantation that is said to bring back mobility to paralyzed patients. This cure will eliminate the need of an open brain surgery, and the first clinical trials on human are slated to begin in 2017 in Melbourne.

Snapchat Announced Advertising Deal With Viacom

The video messaging application stroke a deal with Viacom on Tusday. Snapchat will be able to hit the mainstream as Viacom will sell its advertising, and Viacom is able to enter the Internet market.

The Most Lucrative Small Business Industries To Try In 2016

There is a ranking released by the financial information company Sageworks, which lists 15 businesses that are considered as the most profitable. These businesses are proven to gain more revenues compared to the others, and are good recommendations for new beginners.

Global growth concerns hammer down Europe stocks drop for 7th day

For seven sessions in a row, European stocks suffered losses amid growing concerns about the global economy growth. The lower oil prices, disappointing quarterly results and sluggish global markets are also taking a toll on European stocks. Indicating the alarming situation in the European financial sector, the cost insuring debt against default reached its peak since 2013.

Once Most Underachieving CEO Meg Whitman’s Pay Package Slashed By 13% In 2015

HP's business started to tatter since inception of Meg Whitman in 2011. In 2013, Bloomberg has named her as one of the ‘Most Underachieving CEO’ in the corporate world. To hold HP in its business path, she has spit HP into two independent entities which is believed to reduce her pay package by 13% compared to the previous year.

AccelFoods to Fund Packaged Foods and Beverages worth $20 Million

AccelFoods promises financial and operative backing for six next-generation food and beverage startup companies, from their pre-seed through Series B stages. The investor has raised a fund of $20 million for this purpose, in line with its tradition of supporting the unique and innovative products in the market.

$3.99 per Month for Ad-Free Wired Magazine

The offer is part of the company's strategy to gain income amid the increasing use of ad-blocking softwares. Websites had been losing significant advertisement revenues and develop other alternatives to bring ad-free experience while keeping the business going. The offer will start next week for $3.99 per month or $1 weekly.

The FAA Warned Airlines that Lithium-Ion Batteries Could Cause Fire and Explosion in Airplanes

The FAA issued an official warning to airlines that lithium-ion batteries powering most mobile devices including smartphones are dangerous to be brought and transported in the aircraft’s cargo. The warning was stated following a series of study involving previous incidents involving lithium ion batteries overheating.

Intelligent Energy Develops Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology That Could Expand Battery Life to a Week

The British company formed a partnership worth $7.6 million to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology for smartphones. The technology would create a need to modify the hardware of the smartphone to manage the chemical reaction waste. Intelligent Energy stated that if all goes well, the new technology could hit the market in two years.

More capital poured into Super PAC for presidential race

Nearly half of the capital have been poured into Super Pacs' wallet beating the presidential and congressional races. The biggest contributors of 2016 have poured nearly $195 million in order to inspire the presidential poll.

Facebook Deletes Medical Marijuana Homepages Without Any Prior Warning

Facebook deleted medical marijuana hopepages on Tuesday, without any prior warning. People that relied on the site for updates on the cannibis for medicinal purposes are said to have been greatly affected by the social media giant's initiative.

Adobe Launches Flash Professional Successor, Animate CC

Adobe rebranded its animation tool Flash Professional as Animate CC. The name-change reflects the shifts in the tool's concept and focus. Animate CC still supports the older formats but is expanded to enable users to save and share their content in newer other formats, including 4+K video and SVG. Animate CC will also support CreativeSync, enabling users to directly share their works with other Adobe users.

Parker Conrad steps down as Zenefits CEO

Parker Conrad, co-founder and CEO of Zenefits steps down from his post as the company is under lots of pressure to meet its revenue projection. Besides that, the company also is under investigation for breaking few insurance regulations in at least seven different states.

Ford to open new plant in Mexico: Reports

Ford is reportedly intending to start a new plant in Mexico with an aim to boost its production capacity of US plants. This move by the company reflects its rival General Motors' investment plan of $5 billion to multiply the production capacity in Mexico within 2018.

$3.7 billion worth Saudi Arabian malls to boost economy and generate employment

Last Monday, Majid Al Futtaim announced its plans of building two shopping malls worth $3.7 billion in the oil kingdom. In the face prolonged state of oil price slump, these plans are expected to not only generate employment but boost the sluggish economy as well. The two projects will enter their first phase of construction this year with completion dates ranging between 2017 and 2018.

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