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Facebook-owned Oculus gets patent infringement lawsuit

Facebook-owned Oculus gets patent infringement lawsuit

Last Minute Deals by Best Buy

The retailer Best Buy has a last minute offer for those who wasnt able to shop last Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Green Monday. Here are some deals for you.


Westminster Pressed For Approval Of New Deal On Swansea Region

A City Deal bid that will benefit the Swansea Bay City Region has been submitted for approval of UK government. The City Deal bid is expected to create thousands of jobs for the people across the region.

List Of Most Luxurious Airport Hotels

More than just the simple comfort and convenience, the airport hotels in the list radiates an impressive vibe of luxury for travelers.

White House Opts For A Gigantic Arctic Research

White House Issues Ambitious Arctic Research Plan.

San Diego County's Mountain Regions And Towns Now Covered With Snow

Snow falls on San Diego County’s mountain regions and towns.

Meet Carlson-Wee, The 27-Year Old Millionaire Out Of Cryptocurrencies

Olaf Carlson-Wee is the 27-year-old raised $10 million from venture capitalists for an unusual hedge fund

Best Year-Ender: What Are The Sectors That Will Surely Make Money On 2017?

Key sectors that should make money for investors in 2017.

Apple Recalls All Nokia Products From Its Online Stores

Apple has pulled all of Nokia’s Withings products from its online store. The move comes after Nokia sued Apple for patent infringement in courts across the globe.

Kolkata On Top List With Indians Who Suffer From Lifestyle Diseases

Indians that aged in the range of 20-45 years old are usually worried about their lifstyle diseases and about 45% of young people are vulnerable to non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension and depression.

Investment Wave on Growth For Good

The growth for good is a part of growing social investment moovement in the U.K and was founded by Martin Leuw.

Xbox, PlayStation, Gaming Titles, VR Headset Christmas Deal

Chritmas is just a few days away and shoppers are still looking out for the best deals. For all the gamers out there who are looking for great deals on xbox and other gaing devices and titles.

Vanke On China's Regulatory Gaps and Governance

China Vanke, the largest property with more than 200 billion yuan in annual sales is now ending its interventions by the Chinese securities.

Research Reveals Shocking Scale Of Child Slavery In India

The scale of child slavery and abusive working conditions in India's spinning mills shocked researchers despite working on the issue for five years already. The researchers called for better enforcement of labor laws and mapping of supply chains.

Region In Grief After Death Of Former Caribbean Central Bank Governor

Sir Dwight Venner, the former governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank has passed away at the age of 70. As the region mourns his death, former colleagues and prime ministers of St. Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines praised his colossal contributions to the region.

Russia’s Agricultural Sector Shows Impressive Growth

President Vladimir Putin has expressed confidence that the growth in the country's agricultural sector will be no less than 4% by the end of the year.

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