PayPal expands One Touch Program to 13 New Markets in Europe, Australia for a more convenient check-out

PayPal proves to be one of the leading players in the fast-growing payments industry as it sets to expand its One Touch program to 13 new markets in Europe and Australia, making check-out more convenient for online shoppers and merchants.

China infuses GBP 14B emergency funds into banking system to bridge gap of cash supply position

Underlining the erupting problem of liquidity crunch in its financial system, the world's second largest economy's central bank the 'People's Bank of China' has released GBP14 billion emergency funds into the domestic banking system to support the cash supply mechanism.


Google brings Android One to Africa

Google's Android One initiative is now officially on its way to Africa. For those who may not be familiar with Android One, it is an initiative started by the search engine giant, Google, as a way to help bring inexpensive yet still useful smartphones to developing countries, according to Business Insider Australia.

1 billion people on a single day: Facebook sets new record

Creating a new milestone, the largest social media platform Facebook recorded one billion people accessing its website in a single day for the first time.

AOL buys web developer Ashe Avenue

AOL recently acquired Ashe Avenue, its second acquisition after being acquired by Verizon. AOL also acquired Velos, a predictive analytics startup group that they also almost immediately shut down.

Coursera raises $50M for expansion in China and India

Coursera, the world's leading online education provider, announced that it raised almost $50 million in funding for their expansion plans to China, the Americas and India.

Accenture enhances parental benefits for US and Canadian parents

Accenture announced that the company is improving their parental benefits for those in the US and Canada as part of their commitment to employees to provide them with the best career opportunities during all stages in their lives.

Intel invested $60M to develop drones with Yuneec International

Intel Capital had invested $60M in China-based drone manufacturer Yuneec International Co. to produce drones that would help the industry in the future. The chipset company also invested on Airware and PrecisionHawk.

Oshkosh wins $6.75B defense contract to build Humvee replacement

The Pentagon has decided to dispose of its ancient Humvees with a new fleet of trucks for combat. They tested out prototypes from AM General LLC, Lockheed Martin Corp and Oshkosh Corp in January.

Sephora’s peace offering to disappointed customers: $50 gift code

Previously, Sephora organized an Epic Rewards Day where their clients can exchange their rewards points for some really good stuff such as a trip to Lancome Paris. Unfortunately, a lot of their Beauty Insiders became frustrated when Sephora announced that the rewards were out of stock already.

$1.2B PureFunds (HACK) is managed by a 30-year-old man

PureFunds ISE Cyber Security, the first and fastest growing Cyber Security ETF in the world worth $1.2B is managed by a 30-year-old Andrew Chanin all by himself.

Indiegogo CEO Gives the Best Tips and Tricks for Successful Crowdfunding

Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin is giving away some of the most important tips and tricks on how to successfully raise funds for your particular project. Indiegogo is a platform that has helped people raise funds for their ideas since it debuted in 2008. It has helped campaign raise as much as half a billion dollars.

McDonald's terminated supplier's contract due to animal cruelty

McDonald's supplier contract ended due to animal cruelty. Even if an animal is raised for commercial consumption it still needs respect as what the birds in the farm that supply chicken meat to McDonald's need.

Get help from a trusted executor during estate planning

To make sure that your estate doesn't get a hitch, it is best to hire the right representative, also called an executor. Basically, an executor should protect the property of a diseased person until all the taxes and debts are paid. The executor should also make sure that whatever is left is passed on to the rightful heirs. The executor does not necessarily have to be a financial or legal expert.

Reviving the Ranger will get Ford back to action

History does repeat itself. Ford will definitely bring back the Ranger to the U.S. and rebuild it later this decade. Ford Motors is planning to return to the midsize pickup truck market with a new-generation revival of its Ranger nameplate.

College pricing and student loan systems shackles students from achieving their life dreams

Education is supposed to give you a brighter future, but most graduates are trapped under piles of debts from the student loan system and the increasing college prices. This affects their credit scores and their major life decisions, snatching their dreams away.

Goldman Sachs' distress trading desk lost $60 million

Even giant Goldman Sachs has been adversely affected by the stock market chaos, as its 2015 distress trading desk lost about $50 million to $60 million.

First WeChat, Then WeRun

WeChat announced Wednesday its new fitness channel called WeRun, which is a step counter app. WeChat is China's most popular messaging app that has more than 600 million users. The WeRun is not the first time WeChat moved into fitness. Tencent, WeChat's parent company, launched the WeChat Sports in February.

Analytics platform ChartMogul raises $900k; to release new APIs

ChartMogul, an analytics platform, is in the process of strengthening its product development, for which the Berlin-based company has raised new seed funding from Point Nine Capital. The just completed seed funding round is estimated to be $900,000 and the analytics platform provider will invest in speeding up the product development.

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