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Greece economy will rise by the middle of 2016

By the middle of next year, Greece will go back to its economic growth only if the government will give importance and devoted attempt to reacquire financial strength.

Where do Americans spend their savings on gas?

It seems like that the whole America is enjoying their savings on gas and takes advantage of the situation while it still favors them. According to the analysis by JPMorgan Chase Institute, about 25 million credit and debit card users were discovered to have spent an entire 80% of their gas savings. These extra expenditures went to restaurants, where a portion also goes to entertainment, groceries, clothes, electronics and appliances.


Broadband spread in SA unplugs 'video on demand' biz

The massive expansion of fiber optic broadband (FOB) in Johannesburg and other up markets in South Africa is paving the way for video on demand (VoD) services. Many companies with offers of internet video streaming services are making a beeline to explore the untapped market in the most developed economy in African continent. It's learnt that US major in streaming video services is also entering the market.

Ford Motor to invest $1.8bn in China; to roll out smart cars

With an objective of bagging a major chunk of market share in the world's biggest automobile market, the US automobile giant Ford Motor Corp has decided to invest Yuan 11.4billion ($1.8billion) in China. Ford will invest the amount in research and development (R&D) over next five years. Ford has been able to perform better in China market by eating into Japanese rivals' market share. Ford is planning to introduce new models in the China market soon. The new models include hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. Ford is also planning to roll out new generation smart cars shortly in China.

Daraprim price hike could affect the pharmaceutical industry

The overnight price hiked of Daraprim drug by the start-up, Turing Pharmaceutical is creating a big impact to the pharmaceutical sectors worldwide. The company which is own by a former hedge fund manager had acquired the right of the drug in August and immediately increases its price. The move is causing a backlash to pharmaceutical industry creating most of the shares down in a massive sell-off.

EB-5 tougher for Chinese rich if investment bar goes up

The EB-5 immigrant investor program, popular green card route for Chinese rich investors, may pose tough time for potential investors from the world's second largest economy if the changes under consideration come into force. The US government grants permanent residency to foreigners who invest $500,000 in the US economy creating employment opportunities.

4 signs indicate Silicon Valley's tech bubble bursting

What matters the most in investing is the time when you exit. Loss or profit depends upon when you exit. If you can identify the bubble bursting, you can safely walk out of the market well before it happens. The tricky question is how to identify the market before it's blowing up. Investors, who made and lost money in dotcom bubble, fear that history may be repeated for the current tech bubble though the damage wouldn't as much as it was in dotcom crash.

China sees 10,000 start-ups a day amid government support

There's good news in a form of startups for China, which is reeling under the pressure of the slowdown in the economy. Giving much breath to China, over 10,000 startup firms are to take off every day. The majority are small enterprises.

273,000 retirees could face benefits cut

Central State Pension Fund executive director, Thomas Nyhan said in a statement that around 273,000 current and future retirees will be affected with its latest benefits cut. The country's largest pension fund is currently facing financial problem due to 2008 financial crisis and the latest economic uncertainty.

Facebook 'Reactions' to have a pilot test in Spain and Ireland

Facebook unveils animated emoticons, Reactions, to go with the 'like' button. The six emojis will have a pilot test in Spain and Ireland. Alongside the 'like' button, Facebook will pilot the Reactions. In particular, it is a set of emoticons including angry, sad, wow, yay, ha-ha and love, Tech Crunch gives details.

China Resources to offload stake in Wal-Mart China for $525mn

China Resources SZITIC Trust Co Ltd, a unit of China Resources Corp, is planning to divest minority stake in Wal-Mart Stores Inc. The state-backed China Resources Trust has a minority stake in the US retailer's operations in China. Wal-Mart Stores Inc has 21 Wal-Mart outlets in China. China Resources has listed its stake for sale at Yuan3.3billion ($525million). It's estimated that China Resources has 35 percent stake in the Wal-Mart outlets in China. Wal-Mart believes the transfer of minority stake doesn't impact the operations in China.

Amazon rolls out new service: 'Amazon IoT'

Adding one more tool to the Internet of Things (IoT), Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the launch of 'Amazon IoT,' a new service from the online retailer.

Fiat Chrysler and UAW contingent deal aborts strike

When employees are not satisfied with their benefits and how they are being managed, expect that delivery work is unsatisfactory. Worst is they will go on strike if their demands are not granted.

Twitter's new app 'Moments' brings newsbreaks to users

Marking a major feature since its inception in 2006, Twitter has released new app 'Twitter Moments' for bringing news updates to its users. Twitter Moments tool keeps up the users about news breaks without the need to watch multiple news platforms reducing time and effort. Twitter Moments app works on iOS, Android, and desktop and is initially available for US market only.

Jails get more public funding than schools in 11 US states

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences released a recent report detailing where most of the people's money were being put into, which revealed that 11 of the states in America are spending more on prison institutions than on higher education.

Adidas to release 3D-printed shoes

The future of personalized footwear has gotten a lot more interesting thanks to a recent update from Adidas revealing their plans to use 3D Printing technology to create a series of running shoes that will be the first of its kind.

Volkswagen recall starts in January 2016

Volkswagen recently faced a devastating dilemma with its scandal emission and the resignation of its CEO Martin Winterkorn. Now, VW has announced a recall of its affected vehicles as it aims to complete the repair by end of 2016.

Hillary Clinton criticizes Trans-Pacific trade pact

Hillary Clinton, the US Democratic Presidential candidate, has raised her voice against the 12 nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Clinton said the agreement is not enough to keep tabs on currency manipulation or protecting consumers from high drug prices

Major US banks account for 20% of debts in Glencore

The major banks from the US have exposure to the debt of ailing commodity giant Glencore Plc. Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley have reportedly lent $350million apiece to Glencore. North American banks contributed 20percent of the total loan exposure of Glencore. The ongoing slump in commodities market adversely impacted the Swiss-based Glencore's performance. This indicates potential alarming situation for the American banks if embattled Glencore slips into a liquidity crisis. Glencore is engaged in commodity trading and mining activities.

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