Uber to invest $1B in India after investing another billion in China

Uber recently announced that it has allocated $1 billion to expand its operations in China. Like that is not big enough, the company will also be setting aside another $1 billion to strengthen its business in India.


Google brings Android One to Africa

Google's Android One initiative is now officially on its way to Africa. For those who may not be familiar with Android One, it is an initiative started by the search engine giant, Google, as a way to help bring inexpensive yet still useful smartphones to developing countries, according to Business Insider Australia.

Achieve your goals one day at a time - the secret to financial freedom

When daydreaming about money, visionaries like you think of the most amazingly, abundant scenarios. You can think of that mansion perched on the Hollywood Hills with no neighbours, or the multi-billion tech business, the best education for your children, or simply relaxing at one of the beaches in Fiji with your love ones.

Ashley Madison hacking update: Victims experience hate crimes, extortion, and suicide

The victims of the hack on infidelity website Ashley Madison experience more dire consequences than imagined, ranging from extortion attempts, hate crimes, and even suicide.

Chipotle to go on hiring spree; 4,000 people new jobs up for grabs on September 9

Chipotle announced that it will hold its first ever National Career Day on September 9 and will hire 4,000 new workers on site. All restaurant locations in the US will be open for interviews for a maximum of 60 applicants between 8-11 A.M on the said date. Interested applicants can register for their interview on their website, NationalCareerDay.com.

Cavendish Kinetics to raise 36M for smartphone reception improvement with its new generation RF MEMS

San Jose company Cavendish Kinetics successfully raised $36 million to develop their radio frequency micro-electro-mechanical system (RF MEMS), which could significantly improve smartphone reception.

Wall Street Experienced a Staggering 1,200 Unprecedented Emergency Freezes

Selling on Wall Street was so drastic Monday that the stocks and exchange-traded funds went through unprecedented emergency halts 1,200 times.

Intel Seeks to Improve Cloud Services from OpenStack with $100M Investment in Mirantis

Intel is partnering up with Mirantis to advance OpenStack cloud computing framework with a $100 million investment.

Liquidity vacuum: GE suffers most since 1987 Black Monday

In an unprecedented move, the stock price of world's most diversified business conglomerate fell 21 percent on the Wall Street. The shares of General Electric (GE) suffered biggest loss ever since the Black Monday in 1987 eroding the company's value by a whopping $53 billion.

Hawaii leads most expensive states in US; New York slips to 3rd position

The latest rankings on most expensive states in the US reveal that New York is no more the most expensive place in America. The Aloha State (Hawaii became Aloha State officially by 1959 Legislative Act) moved up to the top position in the list of most expensive state in the US for first quarter of 2015 from second most expensive state status in 2014.

Apple stock rebounds after Tim Cook's e-mail on China sales

Apple's stock rose sharply Monday after chief executive Tim Cook sent a rare e-mail to a news commentator, saying sales in China had been strong.

FAA recorded almost 700 drones and aircraft near collisions

FAA reported that there had been almost 700 close encounters between drones and planes. Drones have no permissions to soar the sky of more than 400 feet off the ground or within the five miles of any airport, but on the day of August 15, drones messed with air traffic in the Unites States, dozens of them.

Home Care Workers Extra Compensation, But From Whose Pocket?

Many home health workers and other direct care workers will have the best day of their lives because they are going to have a raise. What drives this wage increase include union assertive campaigns, bountiful state minimum wage laws, an authoritative court decision on Friday and most significant is demand growth for paid home care by consumers.

Yes, What happens in China matters in your retirement plans

One can cite several reasons for the ongoing crash of equity values across the global markets. The major reason that no one can afford to avoid is Chinese factor. The slowdown in the world's second-largest economy, China's latest devaluation of its currency Yuan, drop in manufacturing output, mining companies reporting worst performance, etc, all these developments are impacting the global markets in fact all the countries including developed and emerging economies as well.

Get most out of your Fundraising in Silicon Valley; Learn the Tips and Tricks from Mattermark and more

Most investors in Silicon Valley use Mattermark to keep track of startup companies looking to raise funds. Now, its CEO and co-founder Danielle Morrill is giving a lot of advices for startup founders on how to get the most from fundraising in Silicon Valley.

Ashley Madison victims now being blackmailed

Hackers are now taking advantage of the people affected by the recent Ashley Madison attack, security companies say.

Oil price gets below $39 for first time since 2009, China economic slowdown to blame?

When oil prices went below $42 per barrel, there were analysts that predicted it might even go as low as $15. It seems like this may soon happen as oil price continues to down, presently at $39.

China plans to boost lending to support slowing economy - report

China is reportedly planning to cut deposits that banks are required to hold in reserve to counter the effects of a weaker currency.

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