Hillary Clinton takes the lead by 11 point

Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump by 11 points on the poll surveys and in just three weeks time before the Presidential election.

Countries Limit Global Warming through Landmark Deal

A significant step is now made in an international effort to prevent global warming from reaching a hopeless condition. Early Saturday morning, more than 170 countries decided to restrict emissions of key pollutants found in air conditioners.

McCormick Withdrew From Premier Foods Acquisition, Bid Too Pricey

McCormick will no longer acquire Premier Foods as it cannot provide the offer acceptable to the latter. Due to failure of the said talks, Premier was left to "fend for itself" for the company's success while seeking alliance with Japan's Nissin Food Corporation.

Tweets about Trump

People had a lot to say about Trump during the final debate, so as some celebrities.

Neglecting real sectors

Minority in parliament has critized the government for not investing in the real sectors of the economy.

Joss Whedon on Star Wars

Joss Whedon now is very much eager to make a Star Wars movie after watching the trailer of The Rogue.

Suicidal Risks and Signs

There are suicidal risks and signs that we need to know to prevent suicide.

Sectors Pays high in 2017

According to data, pharmaceutical and media still pay the highest among all the sectors.

CityLab Defines Urban Entrepreneur

Boyd Cohen, the co-writer of The Emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur, had visited and had conversed with CitiLab. During their conversation, he was asked to differentiate urbanpreneurship and entrepreneurship. He was also questioned about teaching entrepreneurship and research outside the U.S.

China, Vatican On Elusive Deal On Bishop

China and Vatican is in close deal for the elusive agreement with the Bishop.

Belgium Still At 'Non' For Canada Trade Deal

Belgian region of Wallonia still shows off its contradiction to the Canada Peace Deal

UK Fund Sells Avio Space

Avio Space was sold by UK fund after 10 years of ownership.

Investors Pull Out $28B Hedge Fund In 3 Months

Hedge fund is quite low because investors have pulled out $28 billion worth of it.

Steve Cohen: The Millionaire's Come Back

Redeeming himself from 2013 life's tragedy, Steven Cohen is coming back in the spotlight.

Brexit Shall Soon Make German Pharma And Transport Sectors Suffer

After some not so good effects on the other EU countries, Germany is now as it suffers its pharma and transport sectors.

McNair Accepts Applicants For Its Research Scholarship Programs

A scholarship fund program has been opened for application for its 2017 cohort by McNair Research.

Facebook CEO breaks his silence

Facebook chief executive breaks his silence regarding Peter Thiel's controversial donation on Donald Trumps campaign.

Peter Julian Steps Down As NDB House Leader

Peter Julian will be stepping down as NDP House Leader for him to have an idea for the leadership of his party.

Metropoulos Opts Investment With 95-year Old Utz Quality Foods

Dylan Lissette, president & CEO of Utz announced its partnership with Metropoulos & Co. The CEO said they are very excited to work with Metropoulos family-owned business for it has a legacy that beholds for over a century. It is one of the most trusted and most successful firm to work with.

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