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 Product Displays Inside A Samsung Electronics Co. Store Ahead Of Fourth-Quarter Results

Samsung Debuts 4K Blu-Ray Player, UBD-K8500/ZA For $399 With Limited Availability

Samsung has released 4K Blu-ray player, UBD-K8500/ZA at selective stores of Santa Monica. The product has been expected to get released sometime in March. The new video player for $399 is believed to offer a superb content viewing experience.

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Illustrations Of Popular Mobile Apps And Social Media Sites

Twitter Removed More Than 125,000 Accounts In Fight Against Radical Islamic Millitants

The social media site, Twitter has disclosed for the first time removal of more than 125,000 accounts on allegation of aiding terrorism. ISIS has been using Twitter and other social media sites as platforms for spreading their ideologies and recruiting new members. Facebook is also adopting special measures in this regard due to growing concerns over poor policing by the sites against terrorism.

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IRS In Unprecedented Cooperation To Secure The Tax Identity Theft Victims

Tax identity theft to conduct further fraudulence in claiming fake tax returns. Many identity thefts related fraud claims have been detected in 2015. The fraud efforts have prompted IRS to reshape fraud prevention measures. Though the new measures are invisible to taxpayers, but they too feel the unprecedented cooperation from IRS.

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Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak Attends Prayers As He Fights Task Force Probe

1MDB Scandal Forces Moody’s To Change Economic Outlook For Malaysia To Stable From Positive

Malysia has been witnessed to rock heavily centering 1MDB scandal. Both Malaysian currency and stock have been nose-dived over the past year and capital outflow taken place more frequently. The existing economic turmoil has led Moody’s to change Malaysia’s economic outlook from positive to stable citing 1MDB related economic turmoil as the reason.

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 Inauguration Of The Academic Year At Bocconi University

Apple Plans To Transform iPhone Apps To Android Compatible Versions Aiming To Boost Revenue

Apple has tasted the sweet of transforming iPhone apps to Android compatible versions through Apple Music in 2015. In addition to introduce versatile range of products, Apple CEO has announced the future plan in a company wide meeting. Analysts have presumed that Apple is considering every feasible mean to boost up revenue earnings.

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Social Media Illustrations

Linkedin Q4 2015 Earning is Above Expectations, But Stocks Drop 30%

LinkedIn on Thursday reported its fourth quarter earnings in 2015. The number is better than analyst expectation, but its stock dropped to 30% because of weaker earnings guidance that analyst forecasted.

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 Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda And Daihatsu Motor Co. President Masanori Mitsui News Conference As Toyota Buys Rest of Daihatsu in Stock Swap

Equipped With Daihatsu, Toyota President Eyes To Compete With Suzuki In The Indian Car Market

Toyota and Daihatsu have reached an agreement which is believed to be executed by August 2016. Under the agreement, Daihatsu will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota by way of share exchange. Through the Toyota shared key technologies, Daihatsu will produce price efficient mini cars for itself and Toyota. Toyota President is believed to look for opportunity to dominate Indian car market snatching from Suzuki.

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Stocks Dive On Dropping Energy Prices

Wall Street monitors USD, while oil price drops

Investors are concerned as the US stock index futures turned weaker. The marginal recovery in oil price amid drop in the US dollar puts the Wall Street on cautious note. On the other hand, Asian and European stocks were trading marginally higher on oil price recovery and drop in US dollar.

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Salesfloor E-Commerce Platform Raised a $3 Million in Seed Funding

The retail tech startup Salesfloor closed $3 million seed fund on Tuesday. The fund was led by BDC Capital IT Venture Fund and two London-based investors Jamie True and Jon Claydon.

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A Career Fair Ahead Of Jobless Claims Figures

Job growth slowdown a sign of tightening economy

The US economy encouragingly created more jobs for the past two years and now is set for a slowdown, as economists predict. The prevailing credit conditions the US market indicate tightening of economy. The US private sector added 205,000 jobs in January as against 267,000 in December.

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GoPro Raises $427 Million, Pricing IPO At Top Of Range

GoPro Loses $19 million Through Repurchasing Own Stocks, Apprehends For More Purchasing In 2016

GoPro has represented fourth quarter financials on Wednesday. It has counted a loss of 8 cents per share in Q4 and yearly earning per share has been reduced to 76 cents a share. The yearly earning has been reduced by 42% from 99 cents per share, a year ago. Poor sales during the Q4 have been held responsible for the week financial figures. But the company itself has widened the loss margin through repurchasing own stocks. Not only that, it has allocated $264.4 million funds for further share repurchasing in 2016.

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Apple Reports Quarterly Earnings

Apple Convicted For Patent Infringement, Ruled To Pay $625.6 million To VirnetX By East Texas Court

VirnetX has been in the limelight for its achievement in realizing $223 million from Microsoft in out of court settlements. Now the patent litigation company has won a court verdict that instructs Apple to pay $625.6 million for patent infringement issues. VirnetX has claimed for $532 million initially, but Apple’s deliberate infringement over the patented products has reportedly increased the amount.

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Google’s Parent Company Alphabet Wins The Title For ‘World’s Most Valuable Company’ Leaving Behind Apple in Net Asset Value

Google, for the first time, has disclosed financials on earnings, expenditure, asset value and future business planning. From the financials, analysts have found lot of scopes for Google and its parent company, Alphabet to expand. Google’s ad earnings have been witnessed to rise significantly during the year 2015. Meanwhile, it has spent only $3.6 billion in its ambitious technology projects during the same period. The net earning of Alphabet has been reached to $4.9 billion. Adding this earning to the net asset value, Alphabet has been recognized as the worlds most worthy enterprise.

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House Committee Holds Hearing On Takata Airbag Recall

Takata's restructuring plan unveils in May for car makers

Takata Corp, a manufacturer of airbags used in vehicles for consumer safety, will announce its restructuring plan to automakers in May. The restructuring plan is expected to include the sharing of recall costs. The defective airbags are forcing automobile majors to recall millions of cars.

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Local Landmarks

Charlottesville Is The Fastest Growing Venture Capital City in the U.S.

According to PwC and NVCA report, Charlottesville has been the fastest growing startup since 2010. Between 2010-2015, venture-backed startups increased 55% annually in the place where Thomas Jefferson's house is located.

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