U.S. Dollasr and Chinese Yuan Notes

China infuses GBP 14B emergency funds into banking system to bridge gap of cash supply position

Underlining the erupting problem of liquidity crunch in its financial system, the world's second largest economy's central bank the 'People's Bank of China' has released GBP14 billion emergency funds into the domestic banking system to support the cash supply mechanism.

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Yuan notes

China plans to boost lending to support slowing economy - report

China is reportedly planning to cut deposits that banks are required to hold in reserve to counter the effects of a weaker currency.

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Indian banking system in transformation mode

With Reserve Bank of India (RBI) licensing 11 companies to commence banking operations as 'Payment Banks,' Indian banking system is poised for a major revolution in the days to come.

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Drop in consumption, exports squeeze Japan’s export basket

The reduction in consumer spending and drop in exports are squeezing the world's third largest economy. During April-June quarter, exports from Japan eased putting further pressure on the Japanese economy, which slowed down at 1.6 percent annual growth rate as against the forecast of 1.9 percent.

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Yuan note

IMF dashes hopes of China; Yuan still out of fund's currency basket

The world's second largest economy China has to wait for one more year to make its currency 'Yuan' a part of International Monetary Fund's (IMF) currency basket. Dashing the dragon country's hopes, IMF's board favored a decision to keep renminbi as it is until 30 September 2016 year.

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Hyundai, Kia changes China executives after sales slump

Hyundai and Kia Motors reportedly changed their China executives after sales in China significantly reduced. The company plans to improve its selling strategies to cope with the ever-changing needs of the Chinese market with the help of new executives.

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Brokerage house

Shanghai Stock Index Reverses its Loss while US, European, and other Asian Markets were Down

China's main Shanghai stock index finish higher Wednesday, but other stock markets were mostly lower as investors are anxious about the volatile Chinese market.

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Volatile Chinese markets drive nervous investors to offload

The Chinese stock market is registering a volatile trading pattern as investors became nervous about the future course of the market. The slowdown in the dragon country's economy growth has become a cause of concern for the investors.

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Toshiba Corp

Toshiba wants new blood to lead its board; Interim president stays

Toshiba Corp has restructured its board of directors, getting mostly people from outside the company, including three former chiefs of major Japanese companies.

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Tianjin warehouse explosion

Tianjin blasts estimated to $1.5 billion in insurance claims

Due to a series of explosions leaving hundreds of people death and others injured, while some are still missing, China is about to start a wave of insurance claims.

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Computer users

What has schooling got to do with retail? India's top e-retailers are running free 'universities'

Millions of retailers in India are starting to get the hang of selling products online, and the platforms where they offer their products are giving them free training on how to properly prepare and sell their products. Free "universities" are becoming a fast growing trend among India's top online retailers.

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Tokyo Fantashion

Japan's 0.4% deflated economy, assault to 'Abenomics'

Japan's economy has been facing tough times when its economy began to contract by 0.4% in the year's second quarter. It was an official data shown on Monday emphasizing how the prime minister's 'Abenomics' growth program doesn't work.

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Reserve Bank of India

India recruits private sector executives to head state bank reforms

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recruited executives from the private sector to head two of the biggest state-owned banks, making it the first such appointments in a wide-range reform strategy to challenge the dominant but often inefficient lenders backed by the government.

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India High Court favored Nestle over food regulator noodle ban

Nestle finds relief when the Bombay High Court on Thursday lifts the food safety regulator's order of a nationwide ban on the sale Nestle India's famous 2-minute Maggi Noodles.

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China requires bold structural reforms for new sources of growth: IMF

Though China's growth rate is slowing down, the world's second-largest economy can bounce back to regain the momentum and manage the risks involved, observes International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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