U.S.-Japan relations

Rising China spoiling party between the US and Japan

Of late, Japan has been facing a different situation albeit rough weather in the international diplomacy. Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo didn't (couldn't) meet Barack Obama, the US President, this week at the 70th year founding celebrations of the United Nations (UN) held in New York. However, the list of dignitaries that Abe met included Vladimir Putin, Russian President, and Park Geun-hye, South Korea President. Abe participated in a number of meetings and met several important global leaders on the sidelines of the UN celebrations.

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U.S.-Cuba relationship

Castro knocks out U.S. trade embargo at UN

Castro knocks out U.S. trade embargo at UN. The Cuban President, Raul Castro spoke Saturday for the first time at the United Nations and salute renewed diplomatic ties with the U.S. as "major progress". However, he knocks out a US trade embargo as the number one hindrance to Cuba's economic development, as reported by MSN News.

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Janet Yellen

US Fed Chair Janet Yellen hints at rate hike in 2015

Giving much wider scope of speculation on possible interest rate hike in next October meeting, the US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has indicated that there would be interest rate hike this year. Yellen further opined that it's necessary to increase short-term rates in a gradual manner as the improvement in labor market further continues and inflation rate reaches to the government target of two percent. The US Central Bank has been sending feelers about the possible rate hike this year for some time. The job market growth is the major factor that puts the US Fed in a comfortable position to take a decision on interest rate hike.

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Puerto Rico

Split in hedge funds group over Puerto Rico's restructuring plan

At a time when creditors of crisis-hit Puerto Rico are gearing up for negotiations on restructuring the Island's debt in smaller alliances, the group of hedge funds was believed to be split off. The hedge funds group comprising over 36 firms is holding a debt of $5.2billion of ailing Puerto Rico. According to unconfirmed news, since Puerto Rico governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla said that government's debts were unsustainable, there's surfacing difference of opinion among hedge group members. In the latest development, a group of activists in the Island has started raising voice against the participation of Antonio Weiss in the restructuring plan negotiations as his connections with the Wall Street lead to a conflict of interest.

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Second interest rate cut for Norway

Falling oil price is taking its toll in Norway as the country central bank cuts interest rate again for the second times this year and the third time in 10 months. Oeystein Olsen, Norway's Central Bank governor announced the rate cut on Thursday citing that slow economic growth as the main reason.

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Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

Alexis Tsipras retains economic government to battle crisis

The new left-wing government of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is tasked to tackle the worst modern day crisis took office on Wednesday, just three days after the Syriza party was returned to the seat of power.

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5.6 Million U.S Federal Officers' Fingerprints were Stolen

The Office of Personnel Management today said that some 5.6 million fingerprints were stolen by the hacker and not 1.1 million like it was previously reported. The new data came after the agency had conducted further investigation together with the Department of Defense.

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Indian rupee

Indian rupee slips in 3 sessions

Indian currency Rupee seems to be heading for its biggest drop since 2013 as INR continued to drop for the third consecutive session following the selling pressure in riskier assets owing to renewed growth concerns on Asia.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping (C)

China's president starts his first official US visit

Chinese President, Xi Jinping and his wife kick off their first official visit to the US today. The president safely landed in Paine Field, Seattle in an Air China 747 near a Boeing plant. Washington state Governor, Jay Inslee was there to welcome the president and his entourage. The president chooses Seattle as he regards Seattle as the "America's gateway to Asia".

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China President Xi Jinping

China President calls for punishing cyber hackers

Close on the heels of his US tour, China President Xi Jinping said Chinese government doesn't hack commercial secrets nor it supports Chinese companies engaged in such activity. In an interview with Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Xi Jinping further said that whether governments or companies, whoever involved in cyber theft should be punished according to the law. China and the US are equally concerned about the cybersecurity. Jinping seeks the cooperation from the US to check cyber espionage. The cyber crime will be a major point for discussion during the meeting between Obama and Jinping.

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China Railway High-speed

Chinese firms sign L.A-Las Vegas high-speed rail project

Marking a major development in US-China business relations, a group of firms from the world's second largest economy signed a deal with the US partner XpressWest to build a high-speed rail link between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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Federal Reserve Leaves the Interest Rate Unchaged Causing Panic Among Investors

Federal Reserve's announcement to leave the interest rates unchanged sparks a global concern regarding the future outlook of global economic. The Wall Street particularly reacts negatively towards the news as most stocks are trading at a lower price forcing the index to close lower.

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David Cameron (R)

Brexit is the highlight for EU-UK talks

The newly-elected Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn warns supporters that "Brexit" could become a reality as early as next year. Corbyn, who is currently against the move for Britain to exit EU said that the talk between EU-UK in Brussels right now will determine the future of the country.

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Puerto Rico

Crisis-hit Puerto Rico takes up VAT route to shore up revenues

The debt-ridden Island Puerto Rico has opted for value-added tax (VAT) as a measure to enhance revenues for the government. The new VAT structure will come into force starting1 April 2016.

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U.S.-Cuba relationship

New rules to relief Cuba embargo laid out by White House

New regulations have been issued by the U.S. to alleviate restrictions on American companies venturing business in Cuba and opening up travel in the latest action to soften the US trade embargo on the Communist country.

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