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Netflix Released Spinnaker; Reducing Dependency to Amazon

Netflix released its Continuous Delivery platform as an open source software this Monday. Spinnaker, is a replacement of their old software development tools, Asgard. With Spinnacle, Netflix can launch their streaming video service on multi-cloud platform. Previously, Netflix was fully reliance on Amazon Web Service to deliver its service.

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Tim Cook

Apple will not release Mac-iPad hybrid: Tim Cook

Apple's CEO Tim Cook said that he has no plans to converge iPad and Macbook hardware lines into a hybrid device. He said that the death of computers such as the Mac was imminent and there would be a market for such traditional PCs for the foreseeable future.

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Cisco Systems

Cisco And Ericsson Join Hands To Create Networks Of Future

Cisco and Ericsson on Monday reported a tremendous new partnership that they believe will bring in $1 billion for each company by 2018. Cisco is considered a pioneer in things that are associated to PC networking and is especially strong in selling its gear to market corporations and Government too.

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Google self-driving car

Google, The Leader in Autonomous Driving

Google can power related technologies and information from its projects and investments compared to traditional vehicle manufacturers. Autonomous driving keeps to be one of the most widespread research and recent development activities within the global automotive industry.

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Microsoft joins forces with Brooklyn start-up ConsensYs to launch cloud-based blockchain platform

Microsoft teams up with Brooklyn-based start-up ConsensYs and launched Tuesday a cloud-based blockchain platform that lets financial firms experiment on bitcoin in a cheap and easy manner.

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Apple Unveils New Versions Of iPhone 6, Apple TV

Apple Increases TestFlight Beta Groups To 2,000 Users

Apple Inc. announced on Tuesday that developers will now be able to invite around 2000 users to help beta test the applications for both iOS and newly launched tvOS via its TestFlight evaluation tool.

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Google's Machine Learning Software: TensorFlow, Goes Open Source

Artificial Intelligence seems to be working great for the tech giants including Google, Facebook & Apple who are working hard these days to get the best outcome.

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Cisco Systems

Ericsson and Cisco pool resources to earn $1 billion each

Ericsson and Cisco make a merger-like deal, but really isn't to face rapidly changing global market and earn up to $1 billion for each company by 2018. Fortune reported that European gear mobile communication manufacturer Ericsson and Silicon Valley Internet gear giant Cisco went into a partnership that is focused on future networks that will help manage the cross-selling for the companies' end-to-end portfolio.

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CeBIT 2015 Technology Trade Fair

Opera's Max Data-Savings App to be Pre-Installed On14 OEMs

Opera's new data-management app will be pre-installed into phones from 14 OEMs, the company announced November 8. According to Tech Crunch, the new Opera Max will be integrated to 100 million Android phones by 2017, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Acer, TWZ, and Hisense.

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Jen-Hsun Huang

Nvidia clocks 42% growth in EPS in Q3

Nasdaq-listed Nvidia Corp has posted earnings per share (EPS) of 44 cents registering a 42 percent growth from previous year's 31 cents during the third quarter ending October 2015.

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Lenovo and Nutanix Announced Partnership to Enter Data Center Market

Lenovo recently announced its strategic partnership with Nutanix, an enterprise virtualization company. Their partnership will develop a hyperconverged applicances for agile and scalable cloud computing. It will be a great benefit for Lenovo who just purchased IBM Intel server division last year.

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Facebook Like Button

Even machines are getting social as Facebook reveals artificial intelligence advances

Facebook Inc. announces that its artificial intelligent research team has achieved new developments including the software's ability to identify objects in digital pictures, to understand natural language, and even to learn.

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Amit Singh

Google and Microsoft Race in Cloud Productivity Suite

A stiff competition in productivity apps between Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Work is heating up. Both Microsoft and Google have made their move to win more corporate customers.

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Windows 10 Market Share Increased by 7.94 in October

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 increased its market share by 7.94 percent in October from 6.63 percent in September. Ubergizmo has reported that one of the major reasons for the growth in the company's market share is the fact that people who use a genuine older version of Windows can upgrade their operating system to Windows 10 for free.

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Linus Torvalds

Linux Kernel 4.3 is Released After a Blurt Message from Creator

Linux, the once revolutionary operating system in the 1990's, has just released its latest kernel version. The release of its new 4.3 kernel was preceded by an angry message by its creator due to bad programming code.

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