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Li-Fi, a wireless technology that is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

Li-Fi, a superfast wireless technology, has been proven to be able to transmit data about 100 times faster than current Wi-Fi technology in its first real world test. An Estonian startup Vermenni revealed that it has begun trialling Li-Fi within offices and industrial environments in Tallin and found that the technology is able to send data at up to 1 GB per second.

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Despite easing foreign trade, Russian markets turn attractive

The steep fall in oil price is impacting Russia's foreign trade more in a negative way, while the financial markets are witnessing renewed interest from overseas investors and fund managers as well.

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Cat Photos Show Solidarity for Citizens in Brussels

Police and armed forces are still searching for one Islamic State terrorist suspect and his accomplices in Brussels. Citizens cooperate with police to stop sharing information via Twitter, they shared photos of cat with #Brusselslockdown hashtag in Twitter.

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George Osborne

Britain Expand Its Military Spending In Defense Against Islamic State

Amidst a growing threat from Islamic State terrorism, Britain strengthen its defense by spending more budget on defense and security. According to CNN, Britain will beef up its security by purchasing nine new Boeing P8 maritime patrol aircraft for surveillance and anti-submarine warfare,with additional spending of £12 billion ($18 billion).

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Migrant crisis

IKEA Reaches Out to Refugees By Providing Them with Shelter: Company cuts down profits

The war-torn countries around the globe have been forcing fleeing of the locals to nearby countries. The large percentage of refugee migration has principally been seen from war struck countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan since World War 2. Recently, millions and millions of Syrian refugees fled for shelter in their neighboring countries, but alongside their lives lack many other basic needs.

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Swedish researchers created an electronic rose

Researchers at Linkoping University Sweden have created the analog and digital circuit inside living plants. Using the vascular system of a living rose as the model, they made the key elements of an electronic circuit inside the living rose and light up ions inside the flower's leaves.

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European Union

Europe recession looks enduring, warns think tank

Europe recession looks enduring, warns the IPPR report. It said the severe unemployment and underemployment in Europe are signals of an alarming situation about the deepening recession.

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Sterling notes and coins

Britain's weirdest, but highest paid jobs

There are unbelievably weird jobs popping up in Britain that pays a ridiculously high amount of money. According to Unum, looking for the right candidates for these particular jobs may take time since they require more specific skills compared to other typical work. One example is the tea taster, which requires the applicant to be good at identifying the different ingredients in a cup of tea.

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Rolex watches

Eleven James Watch membership club lets an average person wear a $40,000 Rolex Watch

Average watch wearers who dream of wearing that $40,000 Rolex watch, but don't have enough funds to buy one can simply join the Eleven James membership club, which allows its members to try out luxury watches for a period of time.

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors recalls 90,000 Model S cars over a seat belt issue

Luxury vehicles as much as possible are perfectly manufactured from every angle to maintain company's repute and market. Tesla, despite being relatively small as compared to automakers, cares more about its repute. Even a single fault discovered in its luxury vehicles isn't tolerated.

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Visa Europe

Visa working on Blockchain-based remittance project

For a quicker and consumer-friendly remittance service, Visa Inc is working on a proof of concept for Blockchain-based remittance system through its subsidiary Visa Europe.

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Amazon Fresh

Amazon offers great deals through 'Amazon Pantry'

Online shopping has not been limited to non-perishable goods, clothes and beauty products. The continuously growing online demand for perishable products has raised the competition level among many shopping retailers, who are struggling to maintain their position by offering affordable packages.

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EasyJet expected to announce £700 million of profit next week

London-based low-cost airline carrier, EasyJet is expected to post its highest annual profit to date next week as analysts estimated that increasing customers over the year will contribute greatly to the company.

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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

Russian GDP shrinks 4.1% in Q3; fall rate eases

The Russian economy slipped 4.1 percent during the third quarter as against the drop of 4.6 percent in the second quarter. The consecutive third quarter of contraction signals recessionary situation in the Russian economy.

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Paris, France

Eiffel Tower and Other Famous Tourist Attractions Closed Until Further Notice After Paris Attack

Eiffel Tower is closed for an indefinite period of time after the bloody Paris attack on Friday, Nov.13 that killed at least 129 people. The announcement was made by the operator on Saturday.

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