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Asian stocks tumble as commodity fall continues on thin volumes

Asian stocks dropped on low trading volume as commodity producers followed fall in industrial metals and crude oil. Investors and institutions are in the wait and watch mode ahead of US Fed's meeting in December.

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Marc Andreessen sold $160 million worth of his Facebook Shares

Respected investor and web-browser pioneer, Marc Andreessen who is also the owner of a joint venture firm, Andreessen Horowitz had sold nearly 75 percent of his stake in Facebook ahead of the holiday season. According to the regulatory filings, the total shares sold by Andreessen is about $160 million.

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US and European Stock Slid After Paris Attack; Market Shows Growing Resilience

After a Paris devastating terror attack by Islamic State on Friday night, global market reacted to the event. US and European stock slid slightly, and so are markets in other parts of the world. However, global market resilience have increased to show their strength against terrrorism.

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Gold bars

Bargain buying creates robust US demand for gold

The stock market crash this summer drove US investors towards safe haven investment. The US investors started buying gold bars and coins in the wake of August meltdown.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio and 10 billionaires venture in a lab-producing diamonds

'Blood Diamond' Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and 10 billionaires invested in the Santa Clara-based startup Diamond Foundry. It is a company that ambitions to produce diamonds in a lab that are equal in quality with natural gems without the exploitation that mining industries impose.

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Warren Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway Doubles Profit in Third Quarter

Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway more than doubled its profit in the third quarter mainly due to a $4.4 billion gain from the merger between H.J. Heinz Co and Kraft Group Inc.

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Michael 'Mike' Pearson

Goldman Sachs sells 1.3 million Valeant Asset instead of allowing CEO to add collateral

Goldman Sachs sold 1.3 million shares from Valeant on Thursday, which the pharmaceuticals company was holding as collateral for its CEO, Michael Pearson.

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U.S. Dollar and Euro notes

Dollar rally is back on support of interest-swap rates

The US currency is surging again, but this time with support from the interest-rate market. The US dollar rally registered its strongest gain during the past six months against Euro as two-year dollar interest rate swaps shot over those in the shared-currency area.

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Mixed Reaction in Asian Market As U.S. High Job Rates and Possible Fed Hike

U.S. jobs rate shows highest employment rate in seven years and dollar stays at seven month high. While Japanese and Chinese shares up, Asian stock markets were mixed as condition supports the case for Feds rate hike in December.

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U.S.-Cuba relationship

U.S. companies swarmed Cuba, uncertain if business profits

The week long trade expo celebration in Havana, Cuba brought it some 50 American businesses, but most of these firms still have no idea how to earn money in the communist-ruled country with a population that has minimum purchasing power.

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Stocks rally higher as commodity prices rebound

The US stocks closed higher on Tuesday as investors begin to heavily buy shares as commodities producers slowly beginning to balance their output helping its price to rebound.

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Global stock market

Asian stocks follow gains on Wall Street

Taking positive cues from encouraging gains on Wall Street, Asian stocks with an exception to China moved up on Tuesday. Chinese stock market dropped following the jitters emerging from adverse developments in forms of corruption and illegal trading that dampened the market sentiment.

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HSBC Pre-Tax Profit grew more than expected due to lower regulatory fines cost

Due to the lower cost of regulatory fines, HSBC's pre-tax profit in the third quarter increased 32 percent to $6.1 billion from $4.6 billion in the same period last year, beating analysts' expectations of $5.2 billion.

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Energy, healthcare triggers Wall Street gains; Nasdaq 100 hits 15-year high

US Stocks went up across sectors Monday largely due to the increases in the energy sector and the growing acquisition activities in healthcare. Reuters reported that the increases on the first trading day of November happened right after the impressive October figure, which is the best monthly performance of the major indexes in the last four years.

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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley's Trading Revenue Dropped in the Third Quarter

Morgan Stanley reported a big miss in the third quarter profit as a result of a decline in their trading and private equity business. Although they have shifted their focus on business segment with less risk, global economic slowdown has hit Morgan Stanley and other US banks this quarter.

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