Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs' distress trading desk lost $60 million

Even giant Goldman Sachs has been adversely affected by the stock market chaos, as its 2015 distress trading desk lost about $50 million to $60 million.

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Panic selling causes log in issues in investing websites

As panic ensued when the Dow crashed to 1,000 points Monday right after the opening bell, some investors complained on Twitter that they weren't able to log into their online stock accounts.

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U.S. stock market gains evaporate on another wild trading day

Another wild day of trading gripped Wall Street Tuesday. Many were hoping stocks would recoup losses from Monday's massive selloff, as all three major equity indexes surged during early sessions. But, as trading drew to a close, their gains vanished.

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Wall Street Experienced a Staggering 1,200 Unprecedented Emergency Freezes

Selling on Wall Street was so drastic Monday that the stocks and exchange-traded funds went through unprecedented emergency halts 1,200 times.

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Russian rouble

Foreign trade, medium-sized entrepreneurs, and powerhouses are the key to a healthier UK economy

Since European Union's economy is finally recovering, a noted economist proposes three significant areas that U.K. officials should focus on to sustain its growth: medium-sized businesses, overseas trade and linking of geographic powerhouses to maintain the economic model.

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General Electric

Liquidity vacuum: GE suffers most since 1987 Black Monday

In an unprecedented move, the stock price of world's most diversified business conglomerate fell 21 percent on the Wall Street. The shares of General Electric (GE) suffered biggest loss ever since the Black Monday in 1987 eroding the company's value by a whopping $53 billion.

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Apple store

Apple stock rebounds after Tim Cook's e-mail on China sales

Apple's stock rose sharply Monday after chief executive Tim Cook sent a rare e-mail to a news commentator, saying sales in China had been strong.

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Apple falls, along with other tech giants and the US stock market

Apple shares went down seven percent Tuesday, and down again six percent Friday amid the declining U.S. stocks.

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#EpicFail: Twitter Falls Below $26 IPO Price, Concerns Increase over CEO, Growth

It's hard to imagine tech giants getting worse than ever. But this dreadful scenario recently happened to a popular social media platform, Twitter, as its stock price fell lower than it was when the company first went public.

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US and Yuan notes

China devaluation: Is it a serious concern for US economy?

The recent devaluation of Chinese currency Yuan has already started creating tremors in the global markets and more precisely in the US economy as it's triggering an imbalance in international trade.

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Here's How to Retire with a Peace of Mind - Protect Your Retirement By Diversifying your Portfolio

A diversified portfolio allows investors to avoid problems brought by reversals in the stock market by moderating the effect of the decline.

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Sam Altman

Y Combinator held Summer 2015 Demo Day unveiling groundbreaking tech startups

Startup companies centered the stage at a two-day demonstration organized at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Hardware technology was highlighted as 20 hardware inventions were featured accelerating ahead of the usual mobile app startup.

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Rajiv Silgardo

Diversify your investment portfolio with these ETFs

If you need to invest on new markets and add them to your investment portfolio, you only need to keep one thing in mind: cost. According to there are about 1,500 ETFs or exchange-traded funds in the market today.

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Brokerage house

Shanghai Stock Index Reverses its Loss while US, European, and other Asian Markets were Down

China's main Shanghai stock index finish higher Wednesday, but other stock markets were mostly lower as investors are anxious about the volatile Chinese market.

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Global stocks emerging platform for varied returns for investors

Global stocks are turning out to be more attractive for investors who prefer to put their eggs in different baskets rather investing in the US market alone.

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