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Pokémon Go News And Update: Finally Added Ditto To The Line Up

(Credit: Billy H.C. Kwok / Stringer) TAIPEI, TAIWAN - AUGUST 08: People play Pokemon Go on their smartphones on August 8, 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan. 'Pokemon Go,' which has been a smash-hit across the globe was launched in Taiwan on 6th August. Since its global launch, the mobile game has been an unexpected megahit among users who have taken to the streets with their smartphones. (Photo by Billy H.C. Kwok/Getty Images)Pokemon GO Goes Live In Taiwan
November 25
5:47 AM 2016

Pokémon trainers might be in to have a surprising catch as Ditto makes its debut on Pokémon Go. It has been confirmed that Ditto is live on Pokémon Go and trainers around the world might have already unknowingly caught him.

Ditto, by rearranging cell structure, can transform itself into different shapes and mimic other Pokémon. This means trainers are not going to see this pink blob on the map. With Ditto disguised as other Pokémon, trainers will not know if they have caught him - well, at least not until after they have actually captured him.

If someone nearby has already caught Ditto, it will show up marked in its true form.

So instead of ignoring the Magikarps and Rattatas or the Pidgeys and Spearows, players might want to take a chance and throw a Pokeball, and possibly catch Ditto.

Once Ditto is captured, there will be a short scene where Ditto will reveal himself so trainers should pay attention to every catch.

This creature can be taken to a Pokémon gym and copy its opponent, well of course unless it is another Ditto. In such case they will just be blobbing at each other.

So much hype has been given to Ditto's debut primarily because it is the first Pokémon added to the game since launch. This, therefore, marks a milestone that leaves players in anticipation of what other creatures will be released next.

Aside from the appearance of this new creature, there are also new content to the game. This includes appraisals, the buddy system, catch-bonuses for medals and the regular series of tweaks to gyms and various other gameplay systems.

It has also been confirmed that a trainer may catch multiple Dittos. Running across Ditto twice, however, rather unlikely. But the excitement of possibly catching one may be enough reason to pop back into the game.

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