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Liver Detoxification: Foods and Lifestyle That Cleans Liver

(Credit: . (Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images)) Liver has many function inside the body to we need to help it work properly so we could all have a healthy body.Liver Detoxification: Foods and Lifestyle That Cleans Liver
October 17
11:07 AM 2016

The human liver has many functions in the body. It weighs about three pounds and can regenerate itself and ensure that the body is toxic free. This is highly important but very often overlooked organ is really a powerhouse when it comes to the human body.

Our liver does many things inside the body but its primary role is to filter the blood which comes from the digestive tract so it can go back to the body and as a new one. It is also mainly responsible for breaking down things inside the body.

Bad habits however can weaken our liver which does al the job inside our body.

Modern society now a days is a sad state.  We tend to overeat or eat processed food and anytime we are exposed to environmental pollutants or stress. When this happens, the liver tends to become overworked and overloaded.The liver is how the body detoxify itself from chemicals and toxins that is found in our food, water, and air or anything we ingest is filtered by our liver.

There are things or signs that your liver is telling you to help it. Things that you will be experiencing when you need to detoxify are abdominal bloating, pain or discomfort in the liver which is felt at the upper right abdominal area just below the rib cage, excessive abdominal fat, having trouble digesting fatty foods, if you had your gall bladder removed, acid reflux or heartburn, dark spots on the skin, overheating of the body or excessive perspiration, acne or blotchy skin, and of course the unexplained weight gain.

There are also foods that is good for your liver to help it detoxify when you experience the symptoms that you need to detoxify. These are garlic, grapefruit, beets and carrots, green tea, leafy green vegetables, avocados, apples, olive oil, alternative grains, cruciferous vegetables, lemon and limes, walnuts, cabbage, and turmeric.

These foods contains different vitamins and minerals that is needed by the liver for it to help detoxify and cleans your body.

So if you feel anything like tired without any reason, sluggish or storing excess fats, maybe its now time to help your liver to detoxify for you to have of course  a healthy body.

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