Apple Patents Smaller Camera Modules For iPhones And iPads

Lesser light falls on the small smart-phone image censor and thus the image quality appears better in larger cameras. But smart-phone industry is in the trend for getting slimmer. Apple has recently been awarded with a patent that is capable of providing better image quality through small, spherical curved lenses. The patented imaging gears are suitable for iPhones and iPads.

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Apple’s ‘Liquid Expulsion’ will make your iPhone more water resistant

Apple Inc. announced it was recently granted a patent to further protect its devices from water damage. The patent titled "Liquid Expulsion fron an Orifice" was initially filed in 2014.

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Apple’s new patent will make an iPhone screen shatterproof

Apple Inc. has filed a patent for a new kind of screen protector described as "active screen protection for electronic device". The new protection technology protects mobile devices by extending retractable tabs.

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Patent Trolls V. Their Corporate Targets: In View of Recent Legislative, Judicial and Market Changes

In recent years, there has been much discussion in the business and legal communities about Non-Practicing Entities, a.k.a. patent trolls, and the ills and costs they can often impose on companies large and small.

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