Survey Reveals World's Richest Families Cut Hedge Fund Investment

Managers who invest the money of the world's super-rich have been pulling out of hedge funds and increasing their allocation to private equity and private debt, a new survey found.

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Investors Pay More Attention to Overall Financial Plan During Tax Season, Study Says

A recent Charles Schwab study revealed that almost half of U.S. investors are addressing their overall financial plan on the tax season. Tax preparation is also associated with more confidence while doing their tax. However, the study also unveiled a room for improvement for investors’ approach to planning their taxes.

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China's consumers spending rise on spas, travel, entertainment

Chinese consumers are spending more on spa visits, travel and entertainment as income levels are on upward movement. The consumer spending is expected rise 10 percent annually for the next decade.

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The Use of Online Dating Services Is Increasing, According to Recent Research

A recent research shows that there is a significant increase in the use of online dating services, especially via mobile dating apps. There are also significant increases in two particular age groups, which is young adults and older adults between the age of 55-64 years old. Personal safety remains a major issue for online daters, but most still believe that the method is more efficient and help them find a better match.

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U.S companies are concerned about regulations, economic growth and other factors

The survey revealed that one of the top concerns defining most U.S companies' tough times doing business in China is uncertain regulations that they perceived as unwelcoming to foreign companies. The slowing of China's economic growth also remains a concern, along with rising labor costs, censorship, and air pollution. However, China is still most foreign countries' investment priority among other markets.

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Robots, Automation and Artificial Intelligence to replace Human Jobs According to The World Economic Forum

With the advancement of technologies, businesses would prefer robots or artificial intelligence as workers. However, the industries would still need growing numbers of certain skilled workers.

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Southeast Asian children 20% more digitally active than U.S children

Survey said that Southeast Asian children are 20% more active when it comes to mobile devices than U.S children, making them the most digitally engaged in the planet.

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U.S. firms' optimism on China ebbs, wary of local rivals: survey

U.S. companies are increasingly less optimistic about the business outlook in China, and see growing competition from local rivals who get preferential treatment as a key challenge, a survey showed on Friday.

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Survey shows UK firms on spending spree in advertising at fastest rate ever

Advertising spending in the UK for the third quarter of 2013 has hit the fastest pace recorded according to a survey from IPA Bellwether, the Financial Times reported.

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Anti-Wall Street sentiment persists- poll

A Reuters/Ipsos polled showed Americans still harbored grudges against Wall Street five years after the fall of Lehman Brothers.

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US consumer sentiment fell in August

Survey indicates a drop in US consumer sentiment after a six month high.

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Millionaires feel wealthy in US$5 million mark, says survey

A survey reported that millionaires feel wealthy in US$5 million mark.

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