Madonna's Son Arrested For Marijuana Possession, Says She Will Do What She Can For Her Son

It was during Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour when her son Rocco was said to leave his mother and decided to stay with father Guy Ritchie. In the midst of a sensitive legal issue following her son's arrest, Madonna stated her support for her son.

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Marijuana Legalization Means More Tobacco Smokers, Prediction Says

Some predictions say that Marijuana Legalization will make the tobacco smokers double in number.

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Marijuana Investment Rises Up In Canada

With listed potentials, Marijuana investment is a good thing especially in Canada.

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Marijuana Legalization Faces Mere Contradictions

As many pushes for the legalization of Marijuana, others question and even contradicts.

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Whoopi Goldberg Launches Marijuana Venture, "Whoopi & Maya"

Actress and comedienne Whoopi Goldberg launches her new business venture with partner Maya Elisabeth, called ‘Whoopi & Maya’. The business is a product line of marijuana-infused products along with other medicinal plants that help alleviate symptoms of PMS. Product prices are not yet disclosed.

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The Booming Cannabis Entrepreneurship

Marijuana entrepreneurship is almost in every parts of the world, legal or illegal, for leisure or for medical purposes. Others see it as helpful but others see it as deadly. Pot is hot and the booming business seems to be unstoppable as other states began to legalize it.

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Colorado's Crumbling Coal Mine Industry Urge Residents to Reconsider Marijuana Business

Coal mines in Colorado are shutting down one by one. Most of the folks no longer have jobs and are now looking at the marijuana economic growth that could provide them income. Officials however, are worried about the peacefulness of the place and how the chaos if ever, could be handled by such few authorities.

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New Zealand Suffers Acute Shortage of Marijuana: 42% Aged Kiwis Familiar With Smoking Weed

Use of cannabis is very common in the island state of New Zealand. Around 42% of all aged Kiwis have reportedly tried the most popular but illegal substance. However, the island nation is going through acute shortage of weed due to drought, flood and intervention from the law enforcers.

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Australia Is Moving Forward to Legalize Medicinal Marijuana

Some states in Australia already legalized medicinal marijuana regionally, but the new bill will allow marijuana to be cultivated and consumed for medical purposes across the country. The bill is highly likely to become a law because it has received huge supports from the authorities and citizens.

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The Most Wanted Drug Lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman is Extradited to US

The most wanted drug lord, El Chapo Guzman will be extradited to U.S. following his arrest by Mexican authorities. Prior to his arrest, actor Sean Penn interviewed the drug lord in his hideout.

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Legal marijuana products should come with warnings according to AMA

The American Medical Association (AMA) is pushing for new regulations that require some warning signs about the potential hazard of marijuana use during pregnancy and breastfeeding to be written on legal marijuana products. The regulation was set based on studies that suggest marijuana use may be linked with low birth weight, premature birth and behaviour problems in young children.

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Increased Marijuana Tax Will Shoulder College Education

High school graduates in Pueblo County, Colorado will get college scholarship from increased tax on marijuana growers by 2017. A CNN report shows that 60 percent of Voters in the county approved Tuesday a measure that will increase taxes on marijuana growers by 5 percent in the year 2020.

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Marijuana entrepreneur prefers marijuana-user salespeople

Usage of marijuana has been doubled over the past years as laws and attitudes toward the drug dramatically transformed. Entrepreneurs of marijuana will choose their ambassadors to be users to relate the benefits of their products to customers.

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Joint venture: Australia marijuana IPO creates market buzz

Australia's first initial public offering in a medicinal marijuana company is three times oversubscribed, giving high hopes to its founder's ambitions to become "the George Clooney of medicinal cannabis".

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U.S. senator supports pot legalization in Oregon

A Democratic U.S. Senator from Oregon supports legalizing the recreational use of marijuana and will vote “yes” to a state initiative next week that would let adults consume pot for fun, his office said on Monday.

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