Lyft Teams Up With GM to Launch Car Rental Program as It Aims to Get More Drivers

App-based ride-hailing service Lyft announced its new initiative with GM, a car rental program called Express Drive. Aiming to grow its base of drivers, the new program will allow drivers to apply without owning a qualifying car but renting in instead.

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General Motors Acquired Silicon Valley-based Cruise Automation, Aims to Integrate Autonomous Cars Software to Manufacturing

General Motors is moving forward to compete in the autonomous car markets. The giant automaker has acquired a driverless cars software maker, Cruise Automation, for reportedly more than $1 billion.

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Alibaba, Tencent Holdings to Fund Didi Kuaidi $1 Billion

Did Kuaidi, the largest ride-hailing service in China is about to raise $1 billion the same amount that Uber spent last year for its expansion. It is going to be a tough competition for both companies since they are being backed up by other large companies such as Alibaba and Tencent Holdings Inc.

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Uber agrees to pay $28.5 million in class action settlement

Uber Technologies said that it has decided to pay $28.5 million to about 25 million riders. The settlement in these cases will allow the company to work peacefully and focus on its prospective growth.

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Maven, the new car sharing brand of General Motors can be driven for $6 an hour

GM's Maven is set to revolutionize the car-sharing and ride-sharing services with an hourly rate of $6. This has been quite an aggressive move from the conventional car-maker. However, the company is pretty confident that car-sharing section is now ready for a highly personalized, easy-to-use mobility service, which it plans to provide through its fleet of Chevrolet Spark and Tahoe.

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Uber Generated More Revenue But Still Suffered Loss in 2015

Uber generated more revenue in 2015 than in the previous year. However, the company experience more losses in order to pursue growth.

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Las Vegas taxi rates are high, overcharge public $47 million

Las Vegas city cabs have overcharged the customers by a whopping $47 million, the findings reveal. The root cause of this extortion lies in its ridiculously high $3 credit card processing fees along with a hike in fuel surcharge. Long-hauling is also an added factor in duping particularly the tourists. The auditors have slammed some pretty harsh recommendations on the Nevada Taxicab Authority which regulates all Clark County cabs.

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China economy not fragile: GM President

The overall slow in the Chineses economy does not hurt General Motors' growth in the market. China still remains the largest market for General Motors, according to its president Daniel Ammann.

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Uber not responsible for New York traffic: Study refutes mayor’s accusation

A $2 million study relieves Uber of the blame of adding to New York traffic congestion. The study basically refutes the allegations made by Mayor de Blasio, and throws up several more findings which hints at commercial car industry needing sweeping reforms.

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Google, The Leader in Autonomous Driving

Google can power related technologies and information from its projects and investments compared to traditional vehicle manufacturers. Autonomous driving keeps to be one of the most widespread research and recent development activities within the global automotive industry.

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Must- Have Tips For Uber & Lyft Users: How to Avoid Uber and Lyft Surge Pricing

When the demand is high, Uber uses surge pricing, which charges extra for a ride to a user's destination. But it's experts say that the higher price can be easily avoided with the new research to prove it.

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Lyft Officially Operates their Ride Services at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas

Ride sharing app Lyft has conquered Las Vegas as the car service is now available at the McCarran Airport. Hail as the first ride sharing car service to establish at the said new location, Lyft has snatched the first-based spot from their competitor, Uber.

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Lyft Offers DeLorean Ride in Celebration of 'Back to the Future'

Since October 21, 2015 is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrived in the future in 1989 hit sequel movie "Back to the Future: Part II," ride-hailing service Lyft offers New Yorkers a ride in a DeLorean, the time-machine car used in the franchise.

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Lyft teams up with Hertz, Shell

The San Francisco-based ride-hailing company Lyft has teamed up with Hertz Global Holdings Inc for offering rental cars to its drivers. Hertz offers car rentals on daily, weekly and monthly basis and now these services will be available as part of the agreement with Lyft, which offers rental cars to drivers who don't have their own cars or meet Lyft standards. On a pilot basis, Lyft plan with Hertz is available for drivers in Las Vegas and it will expand this plan to other locations soon. Lyft has also partnered with Shell for providing gasoline at discounted price to its drivers.

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Tech companies are next targets for overtime pay cases - Oakland Labor Lawyer

An Oakland lawyer claims that companies in the Bay Area will soon be facing overtime-related lawsuits. These lawsuits will hit firms in the sharing economy, like Lyft and Uber.

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