Toyota Targets Zero Emissions, Collaborates with Toshiba Corp, Iwatani Corp and Local Government for Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Toyota has been working with the local government along with Toshiba Corp. and Iwatani Corp. regarding hydrogen fuel cell. Hydrogen will be taken from the wind-power plant in Yokohama Hama Wing that will be compressed and delivered by a truck.

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Honda Begins the Sale of the World’s First Five-Seater Fuel Cell Car in Japan

The sales of Honda’s first five-seater fuel cell vehicle has began in Japan, and the Clarity Fuel Cell is planned to enter the European and U.S. market later this year. The new fuel cell car is seeing some performance improvement and only takes three minutes to refuel its compact fuel cell stacks.

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Intelligent Energy Develops Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology That Could Expand Battery Life to a Week

The British company formed a partnership worth $7.6 million to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology for smartphones. The technology would create a need to modify the hardware of the smartphone to manage the chemical reaction waste. Intelligent Energy stated that if all goes well, the new technology could hit the market in two years.

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Toyota's New Hydrogen Car Mirai Outputs Clean Safe to Drink Water

US consumers can now buy or lease the Mirai, Toyota's first fuel cell car that runs by combining hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity. Since it runs on water, its only output is also water, which is clean enough to drink.

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Keep calm: Intelligent Energy can make iPhone batteries last for a week

Hydrogen fuel cell maker claims it can make an iPhone 6 battery life last for a week. Intelligent Energy which is a British hydrogen fuel cell maker and a green energy company said it's not theoretical, far-off dream and claimed to have built a battery that definitely fits an iPhone6 and requires no charging of up to seven days.

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