Hoverboard fire accident in Tennessee: $1 Million worth home went to ashes

Hoverboard blamed for destroying a $1 million worth home that fumed to ashes in Tennessee. The incident took place in the evening on 9th January, 2016. The fire destroyed the 4000 plus square foot home.

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Hoverboard fire resistant carry bag: promises fewer fires

There are chances that your hoverboard might catch fire. But there is a solution that eases your mind with specially designed carry bag called Hovervault that prevents the potential fire flames from spreading.

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MTA bans hoverboard

The MTA has banned hoverboards from the New York City transit system for safety reasons. According to the latest rules, riders will not be allowed to bring the two-wheeled motorized devices on buses, subway platforms and trains

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Amazon Offers Full Refunds For Hoverboards, Continues Selling

Amazon, among retailers, has started offering full refunds for hoverboards in US and Canada ahead of growing concerns for reported fire incidences. CPSC is investigating two wheeler balance boards manufactured by 13 companies. Earlier, the retailing giant has offered refund for the UK customers. Intriguingly, hover boards of different manufacturers are still being sold amidst offering refunds.

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Again, Hoverboard Burst into Fire while Riding on

It is possible that 2015 was simply fated to be the Year of Hoverboard. The devices were making news this year but then, they started going viral for another reason. They were highly risk for catching fire.

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The world’s first true hoverboard is now available to pre-order for $20K

An aerospace company Arca Space Corporation has unveiled a hoverboard than can actually fly. The hoverboard, called ArcaBoard, is a rectangle fan-powered board that can lift a person off the ground by almost a foot.

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