Currency hedging takes on new importance for global stock funds

As the dollar surged in the last 12 months, David Marcus, head of the Evermore Global Value fund, steadily increased his stake in Europe. He now has 60 percent of his portfolio invested in companies in the euro zone, the largest stake among any global fund tracked by Lipper.

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U.S. airlines confront cheap oil's flip side: costly hedges

Some major U.S. airlines including Delta and Southwest are rushing to finance losing bets on oil and revamp fuel hedges as tumbling crude prices leave them with billions of dollars in losses, according to people familiar with the hedging schemes.

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Nasdaq short interest down 3.3 percent in late November

Short interest on the Nasdaq fell 3.3 percent in the second half of November, the exchange said on Tuesday. As of Nov. 28, short interest fell to about 8.508 billion shares, compared with 8.798 billion shares as of Nov. 14.

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Wall Street relaxes due to exclusion of market-making in newly-signed Volcker Rule

The over 900 pages of preamble and regulations regarding the Volcker Rule appeared to have excluded market-making activities of Wall Street banks, said a Bloomberg report.

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Advocates may reinstate Glass-Steagall if Volcker Rule could not curb risky bets

As the Volcker rule for banking and trading is being wrapped up by five US government agencies, politicians and advocates of the controversial Glass-Steagall legislation intended to push a revival of a version of its favored banking act should the former fail to curb risky betting by US banks.

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