The Arthritis Society Grants Funds For Medical Marijuana Research

A research funded by The Arthritis Society will study the use of oral cannabinoids to help treat fibromyalgia. The research will be led by Dr. Mark Ware whose proposal was selected to receive the three-year grant.

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Food Companies Dispute Recommendations To Cut Sugar Consumption

Food companies have funded a research to challenge the recommendations of public health officials regarding sugar intake.

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WHO Prequalifies Rapid Diagnostic Test For Hepatitis C Virus

The World Health Organization has prequalified a tool for the quick diagnosis of hepatitis C. Since treatment for hepatitis C has become affordable and available in low and middle-income countries, the organization believes that the prequalification of an effective diagnostic tool will improve the number of patients cured.

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Japan Gives US$532,304 For Education, Health And Infrastructure Sectors

Japan allocates fundings and investment for sectors of Education, Health And Infrastructure .

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Nestle Announces Cut Down On Candies' Sugar Content

Nestle has developed a new method to restructure sugar, allowing for reduced sugar content for its candy products. This new breakthrough will be used starting 2018.

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E-cigarettes Increase Risk Of Heart Disease – Study

Numerous studies have revealed the dangers of smoking e-cigarettes, with some reports citing that the effects of e-ciagrettes are of the same magnitude as that of traditional cigarettes. While some orgaizations encourage smokers to switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes, there are also many who call for the regulation of the use of e-cigarettes because of the harm it poses to people's health.

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Fortune Telling Can Tell One's Status in Life

Now, fortune telling can now tell your life status regarding health and such with just looking at your palm. Fortune tellers can see whether you are ill or not.

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A Weight Coach Is Ready To Inspire Others After Losing 42kg

Abby Smeaton is the new coach in Weight Watchers for Whanganui after she has lost 42kg.

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Aimmune Sets In $145M Nestlé Health Equity Investment

Aiming to continue the expansion of the biotech sphere and looks to boost its food-allergy programs, Nestlé Health Science has financed $145 million into Aimmune ($AIMT).

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Aetna Opens Up to Fund Apple Watches

Aetna is working on writing apps that can be used on iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches that will encourage its customers to take their medications, seek support groups for their diagnoses, or pay their premiums via Apple Wallet.

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Health Check: 7 of 10 Deaths Caused By Wrong Diet And Lifestyle

Bad diets and wrong lifestyle can surely cause sever cases of diseases like cancer, high blood pessure, stroke, etc, or worst, death.

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Chinese economic revolution pushing demand for Australian economy

The growing Chinese demand is boosting Australia’s food, health, tourism and education sectors. The economy transitions in dragon country from infrastructure investment to consumption-led growth is showing up all over Australia.

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Lab Tests Show That Jessica Alba's Honest Detergent Contains a Significant Amount of SLS Chemicals It Claimed to Never Use

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is facing allegations of using harsh chemicals it claimed to never use. Two test labs initiated by the Wall Street Journal showed a significant amount of the chemical SLS, but the company strongly denied using the chemical in manufacturing.

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Healthcare VR Startup MindMaze Achieve Unicorn Status With $100 Million Fund From an Early Round

MindMaze has secured a total of $100 million funds from an early round led by India’s Hinduja Group. MindMaze, which until now is focusing on developing virtual reality interfaces in the healthcare sector aims to form future contracts and service centers, as well as expanding the technology for other uses in the form of gaming, educational and fitness applications.

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Australia Is Moving Forward to Legalize Medicinal Marijuana

Some states in Australia already legalized medicinal marijuana regionally, but the new bill will allow marijuana to be cultivated and consumed for medical purposes across the country. The bill is highly likely to become a law because it has received huge supports from the authorities and citizens.

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