Post Yahoo's Latest Historic Hack, Verizon Demands A Better Deal

Post Yahoo's Latest Historic Hack, Verizon Demands A Better Deal

Verizon is said to have threatened to go to court to get out of the deal if it is not repriced.

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C2SV Technology Conference + Music Festival With Iggy And The Stooges - San Jose, CA

John McAfee Volunteers Decoding San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone

Apple and FBI want to resolve their feud over the decryption of the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter but the giant tech company turned FBI's request. John McAfee, inventor of the McAfee software, offers assistance to solve the case.

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TalkTalk Hack Figures are less than what was originally reported

The TalkTalk hacks that happened late October may have died down, but recent details shows that the number of victims that were initially reported isn't as it seems. According to BBC News, there are now a total of 156,959 customers that had their personal details accessed through the hack. 15,656 bank accounts were taken from those customers.

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China President Xi Jinping

China President calls for punishing cyber hackers

Close on the heels of his US tour, China President Xi Jinping said Chinese government doesn't hack commercial secrets nor it supports Chinese companies engaged in such activity. In an interview with Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Xi Jinping further said that whether governments or companies, whoever involved in cyber theft should be punished according to the law. China and the US are equally concerned about the cybersecurity. Jinping seeks the cooperation from the US to check cyber espionage. The cyber crime will be a major point for discussion during the meeting between Obama and Jinping.

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$1.2B PureFunds (HACK) is managed by a 30-year-old man

PureFunds ISE Cyber Security, the first and fastest growing Cyber Security ETF in the world worth $1.2B is managed by a 30-year-old Andrew Chanin all by himself.

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The Interview

U.S. reaches out to China, others, for help on Sony hack

The United States has sought help from China, Japan, South Korea and Russia in combating cyber attacks such as the one Washington on Friday accused North Korea of carrying out against Sony Pictures, U.S. officials said.

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Supervalu says malware affects four stores in Minnesota

Supermarket chain Supervalu Inc(SVU.N) reported on Monday a second attack against its payment systems barely two months after it said it was investigating a potential data breach.

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Virtual currency Dogecoin gets hacked at height of niche growth

Dogecoin, which grew from a satirical meme to Bitcoin to a pseudo-legitimate currency, experienced a big hack today after virtual wallet Dogewallet announced its shutdown of services due to hackers who stole around $12,000 worth of Dogecoins from the site.

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