The FAA Warned Airlines that Lithium-Ion Batteries Could Cause Fire and Explosion in Airplanes

The FAA issued an official warning to airlines that lithium-ion batteries powering most mobile devices including smartphones are dangerous to be brought and transported in the aircraft’s cargo. The warning was stated following a series of study involving previous incidents involving lithium ion batteries overheating.

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How Prime Air drones deliver, Amazon exec explains

Amazon is currently working on its Prime Air drones, which will revolutionize the concept of online shopping completely. These drones have an in-built sense-and-avoid technology that allows them to reach their destinations unharmed, and deliver online orders within an unbelievable 30 minutes.

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US pilots forgot how to fly manually

The Department of Transportation has come out with a latest report on the US aviation sector. The department expressed its concerns that pilots don't have much expertise in handling aircraft manually. US pilots fly aircraft on automated system for over 90 percent flying. This makes pilots unable to control the aircraft in unforeseen situations.

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FAA Task Force to create free three step Drone Registration process

The Federal Aviation Administration's drone registration task force will develop a simple and free national drone registration system. A government task force will create a three-step registration process, according to a report by ARS Technica.

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Task force for recreational drone registration convenes

A task force charged with recommending rules for registering recreational drones or unmanned aerial vehicles convenes this Tuesday. The group composed of more than 20 people will be holding meetings until November 5.

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Wal-Mart requested approval from FAA for drone use

Wal-Mart had applied to U.S. regulators for the permission to test drones for checking inventories, home delivery, and pickup. Rumors said the company's move is to compete with Amazon's drone delivery.

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Aviation deal on US-Cuba air service likely this year

The latest outcome of the two-day meeting between the US and Cuba held in Havana has paved the way for reviving the airline service between the both the nations. The commercial airline services between both the nations have been suspended for a long time. The agreement on restoring the airline service is expected to be complete this year. The officials from both the countries have decided to meet again before December. The follow-up meeting is expected to be held in Washington.

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American Airlines halted U.S. flights after a technical problem

American Airlines halted flights due to technical issues on Thursday, 12 noon. Chicago, Miami and Dallas airports have been affected. The operation was resumed around 2 pm. The Federal Aviation Authority tweeted that American Airlines flights to and from Chicago O'Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth and Miami were halted temporarily, "@AmericanAir requested a ground stop for all of their traffic in and out of DFW/ORD/MIA due to their computer issue," The Independent reported.

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No Drones on Papal Visit or Be Charged: FAA

The FAA and other security agencies are appealing to people, local or visitors not to bring drones during the papal visits for security measures. There has been a plot to the holy man's life by a minor brainwashed by the terrorist group ISIL prompting officials and securities restrictions on all actions regarding the safety of Pope Francis.

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FAA recorded almost 700 drones and aircraft near collisions

FAA reported that there had been almost 700 close encounters between drones and planes. Drones have no permissions to soar the sky of more than 400 feet off the ground or within the five miles of any airport, but on the day of August 15, drones messed with air traffic in the Unites States, dozens of them.

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FAA considers beyond-line-of-sight drone initiatives: sources

U.S. aviation regulators are talking to drone makers and service providers about testing commercial drones that can fly beyond an operator's visual line of sight, currently banned for safety reasons, according to people with knowledge of the discussions.

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China’s DJI drones flying high among U.S. companies

Chinese drone maker SZ DJI Technology Co Ltd has established a strong early lead in the U.S. commercial market as companies turn to its inexpensive, light-weight flying devices for a host of uses from shooting films to mapping and site inspections.

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Amazon gets green light from U.S. regulators for new drone tests

Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) has won approval from U.S. federal regulators to test a delivery drone outdoors, less than a month after the e-commerce powerhouse blasted regulators for being slow to approve commercial drone testing.

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U.S. regulators give Amazon go-ahead for drone tests

Amazon.com Inc has won approval from U.S. federal regulators to test a delivery drone outdoors, as the e-commerce company pursues its goal of sending packages to customers by air, even as it faces public concern about safety and privacy.

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U.S. appears ready to make commercial drone flights much easier

U.S. aviation regulators are preparing to ease commercial restrictions on small drones under a draft rule to be released Sunday, according to regulators and a government analysis that leaked over the weekend.

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