Federal Court Now Prefers science-based regulatory review

The California Federal Court is now in favor of the EPA and some coallition establishments.

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Trump's Presidecy Preparation for Rollback.

Experts say that the Trump administration will severely limit the influence of Washington in the upcoming years.

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Volkswagen proposed for a new catalytic converter for its car cheating scandal

Volkswagen has come up with a new solution to solve the car emission problem and is planning to install a catalytic converter to the car involved. The catalytic converter will also include installation of a urea tank to help break down the Nitrogen Oxide.

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Volkswagen pacifying angry US customers with gifts

German automobile giant Volkswagen is changing gears to lead the organization on damage control path to appease its angry customers. The image of Volkswagen has severely been damaged on the fallout of its attempt to cheat customers and the US government over emission standards.

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Volkswagen calls for an extraordinary board meeting over emission tests issue; will appoint Poetsch as the new head

Volkswagen board of directors will conduct an 'extraordinary' meeting. Reports say CFO Hans Dieter Poetsch will be appointed as the new head while plans for adjustments will also be discussed.

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Volkswagen scandal is gaining steam

German automaker Volkswagen Group is under scrutiny after it was found by the U.S Clean Air Group that some of its cars did not pass the standard emission test. The test conducted by Peter Mock and John German revealed another scandal - the use of "defeat device" software in its cars.

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Volkswagen might get fined $18 billion for 'defeat device' installation

EPA called the software "defeat device" that conceals the true emissions only during testing and therefore when the cars are on the road they emit as much as 40 times the level of pollutants allowed under clean air rules making sure public health is protected, Giles said.

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Pipeline expected to remain closed after oil spill in Montana

A small but heavily subscribed pipeline that transports 42,000 barrels a day of crude oil from North Dakota's Bakken region is expected to remain closed on Tuesday after a weekend breach that spilled 1,200 barrels of crude into the Yellowstone River near Glendive, Montana.

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