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Baidu is Determined to Enter the Markets of Autonomous Cars

The statement came from Baidu's senior vice president Wang Jing. He believes that Baidu has some advantage over other car makers, especially local knowledge. The company has already invested a lot in the development of AI, that could help the development of autonomous cars.

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Google looks for more partnerships to steer self-driving car project

Google wants to involve many automobile manufacturers and suppliers in developing its ambitious self-driving cars. Contrary to market rumors, Google didn't announce its plans for partnership with Ford. Google believes that its self-driving project would be beneficial to senior citizens. Google involved Roush Enterprises to assemble self-driving cars, which are being road tested.

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Auto insurance industry clueless on driverless cars

Car insurance companies are puzzled when Google driverless cars hit the roads in some areas in America. Some of the alternate plans include the extension of the insurance coverage to mobile phones as well as the carmakers for the expenses in case one of the features of the driverless cars crashed.

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Cars that drive themselves starting to chat with each other

An Acura RLX sedan demonstrated an unusual way to tow another car this week: the vehicles were not physically attached. The second car drove itself, following instructions beamed over by the first in a feat of technology that indicates a new stage in automation is happening faster than many expected.

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Continental AG nearing partnership with IBM for driverless car systems development

Driverless vehicles as well as the data transfer between cars are on top of the agenda for the partnership between Continental AG and IBM.

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