US court rejects $12.25-mln Lyft lawsuit settlement

A US Court has rejected $12.25-million legal case between Lyft and its drivers. Lyft and attorney of drivers need to sit back again on further discussions after the latest judgment.

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Google Fined by France Authority Over Privacy Issues Regarding the “Right to be Forgotten"

France’s data protection authority CNIL fined U.S. tech giant Google for failing to comply with the European top court’s ruling for the “right to be forgotten”. Google has implemented the ruling in Europe, however, the authority demanded that the ruling applied worldwide.

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Failing to Pay Student Loans Can Indirectly Lead Up To an Arrest

An arrest of Paul Aker, a Houston man with more than $1,500 student loan granted almost 30 years ago, received a lot of attention from the U.S citizens and media. Typically, someone can’t get arrested simply for failing to pay the student loan, but an arrest of someone with a student debt could happen under one condition when the person failed to obey a court order to show up regarding the matter.

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Tim Cook Opposed The Court Order Demanding Apple to Bypass iPhone's Security

Apple CEO Tim Cook made an official statement appealing the court order to provide assistance breaking into an iPhone owned by one of San Bernardino mass shooter. Cook argued that helping law enforcements creating a backdoor to bypass the device’s security is something the company cannot and will not do in order to protect its customers from a greater danger.

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IKEA Lost Its Trademark in Indonesia After a Dispute With Local Furniture Company

The case was brought to Central Jakarta District Court in 2014, and the decision was ruled by the court last year. The plaintiff made the case by presenting the Indonesian trademark law which stated that a trademark could be deleted if the company had not used the name for commercial purposes in three years after registration or after the last use.

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Food Safety: US Meat Supplier Disputes Chinese Court Verdict Over Selling Substandard and Expired Meat in China

The supplier's subsidiary units in China was convicted for selling substandard and expired meats to restaurants including McDonald's and KFC. However, the company argued that the verdict was unjust and inconsistent with the evidence presented in court.

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Google Reportedly Pays $1 Billion for Apple to Keep Its Search Bar on iOS Devices

In an Oracle court proceedings against Google, it was revealed that the search engine company could be paying Apple at least $1 billion in revenue-shares. The payment was made to keep Google's search bar on Apple devices. A source named the sharing percentage for Apple to be 34 percent, but it's yet to be officially confirmed nor denied.

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Intuit Responds to Court Decision Barring IRS From Regulating Tax Preparers

Intuit responded today to a decision of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia that prevents the Internal Revenue Service from regulating non-professional tax return preparers.

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