Brand New Audi A3 Suggested With Defeat Device By EU Researchers

Dieselgate: EU Research Suggests Defeat Device In Brand-New Audi A3

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Top Car Companies To Fund Car Charging Points

Volkswagen, its Audi and Porsche luxury brands, BMW, Daimler, and Ford’s European division have joined forces to build more electric car charging sites across Europe. The joint venture wants to create 400 charging sites next year in order to boost the demand on electric vehicles.

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Audi Custom-Made a 20-feet Limousine for an Unknown European Buyer

Audi has made a special extended version based on its A8 L model. The 20-foot long, six seat luxury limousine is made according to a special request from an unknown European buyer.

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Daimler Confirmed that Microsoft and Amazon May Involve in HERE Digital Mapping Service

HERE was a Nokia map service purchased by German car makers consortium last year. This Wednesday, Daimler confirmed Microsoft and Amazon is in talks with the consortium.

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Audi To Feature Fuel Efficient A4 Allroad quattro

Audi is going to hit the market with an ultra version of the quattro, A4 Allroad quattro, during the middle of this year. The new quattro is capable of cutting friction losses and is believed to improve emissions and efficiency. It will be the first ever Audi to feature the ultra version of the quattro system.

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New Mexico Attorney General takes Volkswagen to court due to scandal emission

New Mexico has become the first US state to sue the German automaker, Volkswagen, for breaching the Clean Air Act with huge levels of emissions as well as for trade malpractices. The allegation is the company sold as many as 4000-10000 faulty models whose nitrogen-oxide emissions exceeded the limits by 40%, which could cost VW almost $20 billion in fines.

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Audi admits Volkswagen Installed Defeat Device in 85,000 more cars

Audi admitted that there are some 85,000 more Volkswagen cars with illegal defeat devices that can disable emissions control functions. According to Digital Trends, the vehicles are U.S.-spec cars with 3.0-liter TDI V6 engine, which are typically under the hoods of Audi models like the A6, A7, A8, Q5, and Q7.

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Volkswagen facing ire of dealers, lags behind peers in auto sales

Hit by its emission-scandal, Volkswagen is lagging behind in the global automobile market, while auto sales are encouraging picking up mostly in the US. The German auto giant is facing adverse conditions in the automobile market globally after the emission norms scandal broke. The company is struggling to get back angry dealers to business mode to prevent further loss.

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Volkswagen pacifying angry US customers with gifts

German automobile giant Volkswagen is changing gears to lead the organization on damage control path to appease its angry customers. The image of Volkswagen has severely been damaged on the fallout of its attempt to cheat customers and the US government over emission standards.

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Mercedes Car Sales Create New Record in China

The Mercedes-Benz cars manufacturer Daimler had released its third quarter report for record sales and revenues. The car cited strong progress in Western Europe which is its biggest market, but its feat was surpassed by the sales it made in China.

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Volkswagen deals with multiple lawsuits, costing billions of euros

Numerous possible class-action proceeding have been filed in Michigan against the German automaker Volkswagen due to emission scandals. US regulators are coming up with more questions of the car behemoth.

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Volkswagen emissions scandal alarms China quality watchdog

In China, the process in Volkswagen AG's diesel cars designed to fool emissions test greatly worries its quality watchdog. It said on Monday that these vehicles need to take specific follow-up measures.

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Volkswagen CEO steps down; US may slap $18B penalty

Volkswagen's manipulation in emission norms is rocking Germany following the latest resignation of CEO Martin Winterkorn. Analysts forecast that the recent developments at Volkswagen will have an impact on business and politics in Europe's largest economy.

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VW owners are in danger - study

German car manufacturer Volkswagen placed thousands of car owners at risk of being electronically hacked by blocking the results of a white hat study about the security of their vehicles' electronic systems in European courts.

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German car manufacturers to buy Nokia HERE to create superior self-driving vehicles

German auto makers consortium composed of Audi, BMW, and Daimler, parent company of Mercedes-Benz, is reportedly in the final stages of discussion to acquire Nokia HERE, the mobile company's map app, for roughly €2.5 billion or $2.7 billion.

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